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20 Easy And Healthy Christmas Treats For Kids

There is something about sharing the joy of a festival with your children through different family traditions. Growing up my mom made it a point to do something thoughtful for my brother and me on every festive occasion. We didn’t have a lot growing up, but, there were so many tiny thoughtful gestures by our family members that made us feel loved and special.

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Food was a big part of how festive occasions and family rituals were celebrated. Mom made special treats for us kids. That is how I remember all our family occasions to this day. 

In today’s post, I will share with you 20 easy and healthy Christmas treats for kids. You don’t have to stress about your children eating too much sugar with these. These recipes are so easy to make and pack in a nutritious punch on the side.

Here we go,


1. No Bake Chocolate Walnut Brownie

No bake chocolate walnut brownie

This recipe is our family favorite. It is so easy to make and packed with the goodness of walnuts. It is perfect for dinner parties and even as a fun treat to pack in the kid’s Christmas-themed lunch boxes. Do try this healthy no-bake Christmas dessert this year.

Ingredients :
BROWNIE [No-bake Christmas treats for kids]
• 1½ cup walnuts 
• 1½ teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder 
• 1 tablespoon coconut oil 
• 10 dates 
• 1-2 drops of pure vanilla extract 
• Pinch of salt

• 2 tablespoons coconut oil 
• 1½ teaspoons unsweetened cocoa powder 
• 2 tablespoons honey/maple syrup
Instructions :
1. For the brownie add all the ingredients to a high-speed blender and blend until a gooey brownie like consistency is formed. 
2. Transfer to a baking dish and pat down to form a firm shape. Set in the fridge for 30 minutes. 
3. For the frosting, mix the coconut oil, cocoa powder, and honey until well combined. Then spread this on the brownie and set it for another 20 minutes in the fridge. 

Like this recipe? For more such healthy yummy snacks for kids check out my eBook The Easy Toddler Snack Book. The digital book contains 36 easy and healthy snack recipes made using Whole Foods.

2. Custard


Custard can be made as a special festive breakfast or even as a dessert for kids and adults alike.
Ingredients :
4 eggs
1/2 cup sugar 
1/2 litre milk 
Pinch of cardamom powder 
Few strands of saffron 
Instructions :
1. In a mixing bowl, start by beating the eggs. Add sugar and mix well.
2. Now add milk to the mixture, and transfer this mix to the cooking utensil.
3. Cook on medium-low flame until the custard thickens and reaches jelly-like consistency.
4. Top this with cardamom powder and saffron.
5. Let this cool, then keep it in the fridge for a few hours and serve chilled. 

3. Spiced Chocolate Bliss Balls


This recipe is perfect for the fall and winter seasons. You can make these as preschool Christmas snacks or even as a gift to other families you visit at Christmas. 

Ingredients :
10 medjool dates
1/2 cup sunflower seeds (raw/roasted)
1/3 cup desiccated coconut 
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/3 tsp cardamom powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon powder
1/4 tsp salt
Makes : 10

Blend all the ingredients together in a blender.
Use the soft mixture to make round balls and roll in desiccated coconut /chocolate powder for coating.

4. Blueberry Muffins

Looking for fast and easy Christmas treats for the kids? these blueberry muffins are sure to impress the children.

Christmas treats for kids

Ingredients :
1/2 cup whole wheat flour 
1/2 cup refined flour
3/4 cup molten butter
3/4 cup sugar
2 drops vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup blueberries (whole)

Makes : 12
Instructions :
1. Sieve whole wheat flour and refined flour 1-2 times.
2. To the flour add baking soda and baking powder and mix well.
3. Mix the molten butter and powdered sugar separately and keep aside.
4. Now add the wet ingredients which is the milk, the sugar-butter combination, vanilla extract to the dry ingredients and combine well using gentle folding action.
5. Once the batter is well combined add the blueberries and gently mix in.
6. Pour in muffin liners and bake at 190 C for about 20 mins or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Here is another super healthy and yummy chocolate muffin recipe for toddlers.

5. Chocolate Banana Mug Cake

Christmas treats for kids

Ingredients : 
3 tbsp whole wheat flour
1 mashed banana 
1/3 tablespoon peanut butter (any nut butter of choice)
3-4 tbsps milk
2 tsp jaggery powder (add more if you like cakes sweeter)
1/2 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
1-2 pinch of baking powder
2 tsp oil

Instructions :
1. Add all the dry ingredients and give it a mix with a fork. Then follow up with the mashed banana, peanut butter, milk and oil.

2. Mix thoroughly, try to remove all the lumps. (You can also do the mixing in a separate bowl and add the final mixture to the cup)

3. Microwave for about 1 min. Keep an eye that the cake doesn’t burn.

6. No Bake Cheesecake Cups

no bake vegan cheesecake cups
No bake vegan cheesecake cups

An easy no bake holiday treat recipe. These are so easy to make and kids love these mini cheesecake cups. You can serve these as a dessert or as a snack. They are packed with nutrition and make a great add to your festive table.

7. Blueberry Nice Cream

Teething foods-blueberry nice cream

Take 2 frozen bananas, handful of blueberries, 1 tsp maple syrup and blitz. Blueberry banana nice cream is ready!

8. Chocolate Popsicles


Ingredients :
200 ml thick coconut milk
1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder
A handful of cashew nuts
1/2 ripe banana
1 tsp honey
Instructions : 
Blend all the ingredients together and freeze in popsicle moulds for 5-6 hours in the freezer.

9. Almond Flour Cookies

easy almond flour cookies-almond flour chocolate chip cookies

If you are looking for a vegan and gluten free cookie recipe, you would love these almond flour cookies. These taste super yum and are great as a food gift for Christmas.

10. Butter Cookies

butter cookies recipe

Try these butter cookies if you are looking for a more traditional cookie recipe. These are melt-in-your-mouth soft and perfect with a glass of milk. You can even bake these with your kids for Santa or as fun Christmas treats for school.

11. No Bake Energy Bars

Energy bars

I love having a few no bake snacks on hand in our home. Especially around festive occasions, they make perfect little treats for the kids and even look nice on a snack table spread.

12. Homemade Nutella

Homemade nutella recipe
Homemade Nutella recipe

Try this super easy homemade Nutella recipe as a special Christmas table addition. Your kids will love this hazelnut butter with their morning toast. You can even add a spoonful of this chocolate hazelnut spread to your child’s smoothie for an extra creamy and chocolaty flavor. I love gifting food when I can and a jar of this homemade hazelnut spread will make any party host happy for sure.

13. Healthy Vegetarian Charcuterie


This vegetarian charcuterie includes popular children’s favorite foods and will be a big hit if you are planning a special surprise for your kids. It is quick to prep and set up and a no-fail idea.

Here is what went on our Charcuterie board,

Different types of bread

Different types of cheeses


Cherry tomatoes

Green apples




Basil leaves





Chocolate hazelnut spread

14. Gingerbread Oatmeal Cookies

This one is an easy no-mixer required oatmeal cookie recipe perfect for Christmas.

15. Chocolate Dipped Satsumas

Don’t think there is any kid (or adult!) who won’t like this treat. It is literally the perfect combination. These would look great on a party table or even on your dessert charcuterie board.

16. Grinch Christmas Smoothie

Such an ingenious idea to get kids to enjoy their green smoothie with a Christmas twist.

17. Avocado Christmas Tree

A healthy, fun, and delicious treat for little kids around Christmas. The little ones are sure to get excited about these avocado Christmas trees.

18. White Chocolate Peppermint Almond Clusters

This a quick and easy Christmas candy you can make that kids and adults can enjoy together.

19. Easy Rudolph Red Nose Treats

These easy no-bake treats are perfect for a Christmas party, breakfast spread or movie night.

20. No-Bake Peanut Butter Jelly Bars

Your kids will love these peanut butter bars. These are vegan, oil-free, and contain Whole Foods ingredients that nourish those little bodies.

Save this pin for reference when you make these yummy treats.

Christmas treats for kids

20 Easy and Healthy Christmas Treats For Kids

20 toddler friendly Christmas treats that are not only easy to make but so healthy.
Course Snack
Cuisine American


  • No Bake Chocolate Walnut Brownie
  • Custard
  • Spiced Chocolate Bliss Balls
  • Blueberry Muffins
  • Chocolate Banana Mug Cake
  • No Bake Cheesecake Cups
  • Blueberry Nice Cream
  • Chocolate Popsicles
  • Almond Flour Cookies
  • Butter Cookies
  • No Bake Energy Bars
  • Homemade Nutella
  • Healthy Vegetarian Charcuterie


  • Save this recipe card and refer the blog above for detailed recipes of each of these Christmas treats.
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Hope you try some of these easy recipes for Christmas. If you make some special Christmas treats for kids of your own do leave me your ideas in the comments below.

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