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My ebook focuses on easy, healthy and meal planning friendly recipes and that can be enjoyed by all ages.  

No more cooking a 100 dishes to meet nutrient requirements, these meals are carefully designed to get maximum nutrition in one go.

Best of all, you don’t need special cooking skills to make these recipes. Even, a beginner cook can whip these up quickly.

Easy Family Meals

Spend Less Time in The Kitchen

I know how stressful and time-consuming cooking meals from scratch can be.

That is why I designed Easy Family Meals to include simple recipes that cut down hours in the kitchen yet meet the nutrient needs of a growing family.

Healthy Food that is Yummy

There is a misconception that healthy food tastes bland and boring. Well, have you tried my recipes? Taste is very important in being able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The recipes in this book are not only healthy they are so yummy you will look forward to family meals at home instead of take-out.

Add variety to meals

The recipes in this book use ingredients from a variety of sources. Both plant-based and meat-based.

You will easily add a huge variety of foods to your diet without even trying hard.

Creating balanced meals just got easier.

Take control of your family’s health. Grab your copy today!

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