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The Best Of Easy Mommy Life : Articles You Need To Read Now

Easy Mommy life completes another successful year and I thought it would be wonderful to roundup some of the viewer’s favorites here.

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Each of these posts was once a challenge I faced as a mother. It took me a while to figure out a solution or a system to solve these problems. Once I felt like I had sufficient expertise in these areas of parenting I was ready to share what worked for me.

And as I guessed right, these same challenges troubled other parents in my audience and they were ready to make the changes and find creative solutions. That is why these posts are read and re-read because all of us have faced at least one of these challenges in our parenting stints so far.


How to be a calm mother

If you are struggling with controlling your anger around your kids, this post is for you. Learn how to become a calmer parent and bring back a more peaceful routine to your home.

Tips on surviving the terrible twos

These are my tried and true tips on dealing with the terrible twos. Every toddler’s mom needs to read this post.

Phrases to use when your toddler doesn’t listen

Here are the exact phrases you can use when your toddler doesn’t listen. Get my gentle parenting strategies and create a peaceful home routine with your kids. Earn your child’s trust and become problem solvers with these perspective-changing tips.

How to reduce screen time for kids

Get my practical tips on how to reduce screen time for kids. This post will help you navigate through screen time rules and figure out how much screen time is okay for your children.

10 immunity-boosting foods for kids

Get this list of 10 immunity-boosting foods for kids. Includes recipe ideas and ways to make picky eaters enjoy these healthy foods.

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