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7 Fun Family New Year’s Eve Traditions

Every year-end I love to take a mini-break from my frantic work pace and spend some time in introspection. It’s an activity I have enjoyed for many years. This year though I want to start a family New Years’ eve tradition. It has been a tough year for us as a family, but, my husband and I are very grateful for every little help we received, the strength we managed to gather, and all the tiny blessings in our life.

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If you are in a mind space like us and are looking for a meaningful way to celebrate the end of a year, read on, I have some ideas you could use.

family New Years eve traditions

7 Meaningful and Fun Family New Year’s Eve Traditions

Maintain a Gratitude Jar

I started maintaining a gratitude jar for myself at the start of this year. I found the entire exercise quite rewarding. Looking back through memories that brought you joy makes you treasure what you have.

This year I am planning on maintaining a family gratitude jar, so all of us can use this practice as a reminder of life’s little blessings. We start our first memory on New Year’s Eve with a little note of thanks for the year gone by.

Write a Family Goals List

Another great family tradition for New Year’s Eve can be the family discussing and coming up with a list of goals for the coming year. It can be experiences you want to share together or financial and security goals like saving to buy a new house for the family.

Family Photo

This one is for memory keepers like me. If you love making memories and documenting your life, every New Year’s Eve, click a picture of the family. It will be fun looking back at how the children grew older over the years.

Watch your favorite TV shows/movies together

Not all of us like a loud New Year’s Eve party, instead you can get together and watch your favorite family movies or TV shows. Growing up, New Year’s Eve for my family was all about watching TV until midnight and celebrating with fun foods.

Family Game Night

T.V. not your thing? You can plan a family game night. Buy everyone cute matching t-shirts and small prizes to add some fun.

Here are some fun family board games to try. The board game recommendations in this post are easy to play with children all ages.

Camp out with fairy lights

If you have your own back yard, camping out with some beautiful lights can be a great family New Year’s tradition. Who doesn’t enjoy some barbeque foods, some drinks, and a starry night?

Midnight Care Packages

My mom used to give us a small gift every New Years’ Eve as a sign of good luck. Now that our son is a little older, I plan to start something similar as a New Year’s Eve family tradition – A midnight care package for all of us.

The package can include things that your family members enjoy. An example of things to include can be,

Hot chocolate ingredients and a mug to bring in the New Year with a warm cup of hot chocolate, or a

Package with special pajamas and some sweet treats and popcorn for family night.

Here are some healthy sweet treats you can make for your children.

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What are some of the ways you celebrate New Year’s Eve with your family? Drop-in your ideas in the comments section below.

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