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Best Books For 4-Year-Olds

Every year I write these book lists talking about some of our favorite reads. With the Pandemic we have been at home for the most part of the year and books have come to our rescue a lot.

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Books have helped my 4-year-old deal with his emotions, brought out giggles on a low day, and now as we homeschool taught him about subjects he wants to know more about.

Here are some of our favorite books for 4-year-olds.



When the earth lost its shape – Shobha Viswanath

This book by Karadi tales has a very intriguing story about a time when all the shapes in the world suddenly disappeared. No-one knows where they are. Everything is now shapeless, until a tiny dot comes up with a plan. 

We have used this book both as a part of our bedtime reads and for our homeschool study when learning about different shapes. 

Birds and Beasts

This beautifully illustrated book takes you through stories and folklore from different parts of India. These are stories that our grandmothers told us that we can now pass on through this book to the next generation.

The illustrations and stories are captivating taking us through the flora and fauna of each region of India.

This book makes a special birthday gift to a 4-5 year old who loves listening to grandma’s tales.

Mix it up – Herve Tullet

This year has been all about art explorations for our little one. He has developed a keen interest in using different colors and techniques to paint. 

Mix it up is for all those little art lovers. It is an interactive book that takes the child on a journey with the colors. 

Usborne Look Inside a Building Site

If your child loves construction vehicles, he will surely enjoy this Usborne flap book. The illustrations are lifelike and beautifully explain different building sites in detail, be it a tall skyscraper or an underground metro.

Here we are – Oliver Jeffers

As we studied Space and the solar system this year, I knew I wanted to include a book like Here We Are in our home study. Here we are reminds children of the beauty of the planet they live on. With all its diverse flora, fauna, and people, the Earth is all our home. This one is a must-have in a 4-year-old’s library.

Little Clouds Quest – Stephen Aitken & Sylvia Sikundar

Little Clouds Quest is a cute story about a tiny cloud in search of friends. A story that teaches young children to appreciate their own uniqueness and what they can bring into a new relationship. It shows children that in order to make friends you don’t need to be like others. You just have to be you.

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish – Dr Seuss

We first heard this Dr. Seuss story on a Spotify read-aloud channel. The rhyming and sing-song style of Dr. Seuss’s books has a way to hold a child’s attention.

From favorite audiobook to now owning a physical copy and giggling away in delight at the silly characters this book brings us a lot of joy. This one has been our recent favorite bedtime story.

The squirrels who squabbled – Rachel Bright

Another new favorite bedtime read of ours. Squabbling squirrels is a story about two greedy squirrels trying to get the last nut of the season. Your little one will find this story captivating and hilarious.

How are you feeling today? – Molly Potter

A wonderful book to help your child understand emotions and how to deal with them. This book teaches children that all emotions are a normal part of human life, but, how we deal with emotions is crucial in living a happy life.

We have used this book as a conversation starter and as a way to find a solution when dealing with an emotion. I highly recommend this one for 3-5-year-olds.

Baby Paleontologist – Dr. Laura Gehl

If your child is interested in fossils and how exactly they are formed, this is the book you need to buy.

Baby Paleontonologist belongs to a wonderful series created by author Dr. Laura Gehl to help curious minds understand Science. Other books in this series that you can choose based on your child’s interest are Baby Botanist, Baby Astronaut, and Baby Oceanographer.

Did any of your 4 year olds favorite books feature here?

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What books does your 4 year old enjoy?

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