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An Easy Hanukkah Craft For Children

One of our favorite family holidays is Hanukkah. My husband and I have a special connection with the festival and the story of Hanukkah and one of the ways I love to celebrate any occasion is by adding my own special decorating touches. I have always enjoyed making simple DIY’s and adding decorations to bring in that festive vibe.

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Now, I am not good at Pinterest-y crafts, and DIY. You know, those beautifully executed decoration ideas on Pinterest that somehow don’t translate into beautiful or cute when we try them at home.

This year when Hanukkah came around, I wanted to try some simple Hannukah crafts that I could enjoy as a mom-son activity. It had to be simple enough for my 4-year old to make. 

We made these beautiful Star of David wall hangings that are so easy to make. They brought together the entire look of our Hanukkah decorations too.

Ready to try this Easy Hanukkah Craft For Kids?

easy Hanukkah craft for children


What you need

Ice-cream sticks (6 sticks for each star)

Gold Acrylic paint

White Acrylic paint

Rhinestone Stickers



  1. Paint the ice-cream sticks. You can choose any colors you like, we made one Star of David in gold and one in white. Let the paint dry.
  2. Stick the ice cream sticks to make a triangle using tack-its. Make two triangles. Then to make the star, stick one triangle the right side up and the other upside down triangle over it.
  3. Decorate as you like. We used these blue and white rhinestone stickers.
  4. Add a piece of thread to make the hanging. We used tack-it to stick the thread together too.
  5. That’s it. Your beautiful handmade Star of David is ready.

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What are some easy Hanukkah crafts you make with your kids? Do comment below.

If you try this Star of David craft do let me know how it goes.

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