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10 Memorable Birthday Return Gift Ideas For Kids

Are you planning your child’s upcoming birthday party? You probably are racking your brains for some birthday return gift ideas that are memorable and unique. Birthday’s are all about creating memories and as the host of a party, you want your guests to leave you with some great memories of a fun party. Birthday return gifts are an extension to the party as a way to send off your friends with a memento of a lovely time spent together.

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With so many kids products and toys these days the market is crowded with cheap and generic return gifts for birthday parties. But if you want to leave your guests with an impactful memory you have to end the night with a well thought of gift. Here are a few birthday return gift ideas that will wow your guests.

birthday return gift ideas for kids - best return gifts

Memorable Birthday Return Gift Ideas For Kids

1. Books: It is easy to find age appropriate books for kids attending your party. There is so much variety to choose from, activity books, educational books, and storybooks. Parents will also be pleased to receive a birthday return gift that encourages reading.

Some of my favorite books to give as return favors are:

Brown bear, Brown bear, What do you see? by Eric Carle – Perfect for 1st birthday return gifts.

Sticker books like this animal sticker book. You can choose sticker books based on the birthday theme.

2. Crayons and coloring materials: Promoting art and messy play is an integral part of early childhood development. Also, every child will be happy to receive coloring books, crayons, and other such paraphernalia.  

You can even make art-themed goodie bags for the kids to take home. Decorate the goodie bags with stickers to add a fun twist to the gift packing.

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3. Customized stationery and school supplies: These days there are many services that offer customized school supplies like pencil cases, lunch boxes, water bottles, crayon boxes, bags, etc.

Kids love receiving such return gifts with a personal touch. They will be raving about these for days after the party.

4. Piggy bank: What better way to teach children about saving money than a cute piggy bank. This toy acts as an introduction to the concept of personal finances.

It’s a great way to get children thinking about how money is used and spent and once again parents will also be happy to receive a birthday return gift that teaches their kids something meaningful.

5. Bubble-making toy: If you have an outdoor-themed party a bubble-making machine is a great giveaway idea. The kids can start using it at the party itself and before you know it you have kids chasing bubbles around the park!

Adding bubbles to the mix is a fun party for any age. To present the gift put the bubble makers in a tiny gift bag with chocolates. This makes for a simple but enjoyable return gift for kids of all ages.

6. Puzzles: Puzzles are a unique return gift idea. This toy is especially apt if you have toddlers at the party. It’s an educational and engaging birthday return gift for little kids.

7. Plant seeds: Another unique return gift idea is gifting plant seeds. This return gift instills the love of nature. I still have warm memories from my own childhood of planting saplings that grew into trees.

Gifting plant seeds are such a beautiful way to introduce children to nature and get them involved in nurturing a bond with trees.

8. Cute kids mugs: With so many varieties in the market you can go crazy with this idea. Make it customized mugs for a personal touch or add in more bits and bobs inside the mug as a surprise for the kids.

Fill the mug with crayons, pencils, bows, hairbands, and stickers. The options are endless. Since children like mimicking adults, I am sure they would love their own mugs just like mommy and daddy.

9. Birthday goodie bags: If you have a bigger budget use all the ideas I mentioned above and make a huge birthday goodie bag for the kids. Who doesn’t like receiving a bag full of surprises? You can customize the bags according to your party theme or just add an array of different little return gifts for each kid.

Some unique birthday return gifts you can add to a goodie bag are :

Marble Painting Kit

Sequin Art Kit

Rock Painting Kit

Scratch Art Kits

10. Return gift website: Don’t have time to come up with ideas or go shopping for gifts? A great option is to buy from websites that sell return gifts.

Skola Toys has a return gift section on their website with a collection of age-appropriate toys for little ones. They even offer various discounts on bulk orders, which makes it an even more suitable choice when you throw a big party.

Next time you are racking your brains trying to come up with memorable birthday return gift ideas you have a one-stop-shop destination to reduce all that stress.

What do you give as return gifts for kids’ birthday parties? Did you like these birthday return gift ideas? If you use these or have some fun ideas of your own do leave me a comment below.

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Until next time!

14 thoughts on “10 Memorable Birthday Return Gift Ideas For Kids”

  1. I stopped doing this several years ago, figuring that the bounce house and pizza were enough of an expense and was surprised that nobody seemed to notice. These are great ideas though if I were to start back up again

  2. The piggy bank is a really good idea. I figure I have maybe one more birthday where I have to do swag bags then I’m done….FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Hoorah!!!

  3. Thanks for posting this!! You have given me some great ideas for my daughter’s birthday. Thanks for posting this blog and keep posting more !!


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