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How To Throw An Ocean Themed Birthday Party

One of our son’s favorite places is the beach. He loves digging in the sand, building sand castles and splashing in the water. With time his love for the beach translated into an interest in the oceans and different sea creatures.

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He truly took it a notch up when he asked for an Ocean unit study and went on to learn so much more by himself. From the layers of the ocean, to the different creatures living in the Oceans, submarines and ships, this boy wants to know it all.

It was a no-brainer therefore, when his 5th birthday was coming up, that we should celebrate with an ocean themed birthday party.

With this being the pandemic year, we couldn’t invite his friend’s over or have a more elaborate celebration. But, we did manage to make it fun for our 5 year old. He enjoyed every little detail about his ocean themed birthday party and was talking about it for days after.

Here is how we planned the day.


Ocean Birthday Cake

Since he was so interested in learning about the layers of the ocean, I knew I had to feature the layers of the ocean somewhere in the birthday décor. It made most sense that we include it on the cake itself. 

The final result brought together all the elements on the food table and stood out so beautifully as the center piece. We all loved this cake.

Cake made by : The dessert bar by Neha

ocean themed birthday party

Ocean Themed Birthday Decorations

We decided to make the party decorations ourselves using chart papers and crepe paper. Featured here a giant Orca poster with waves on the bottom and another scene with dolphins and a school of fish.

I brought out our son’s first birthday banners too as they were in a similar color scheme. (great way to celebrate birthdays on a budget is to look for decorations that can be reused again in future parties) The banner fit in perfectly with our party table.

Ocean Themed Party Food

This year we couldn’t invite his friends for the celebrations due to the ongoing pandemic. We kept our guest list limited to our current social bubble which includes grandparents from both sides.

Our son wanted themed party food just like his last construction themed birthday party. He even had a few ideas himself which we included in the party spread.

The ocean themed snacks included:

Fruits of the ocean – Chopped fruits like apples, bananas, grapes and chikoo in fresh cream 

Whale sandwiches – Jam and butter sandwiches

Pipe fish – Whole wheat bread sticks with hummus

Seaweed chips – Beetroot chips

Sea cucumbers – Cucumber sticks with a tahini dip

Ocean Themed Return Gifts

If I did have other children around some of the ocean themed birthday return gift ideas I would consider are : 

Imagimake Stamp Art Kit

Frank Fish Puzzle

Curious Bees Ocean Activity Box

The Snail and the Whale Book

Under the Sea – Fiona Patchett

ocean themed birthday party

Hope you found these ideas useful as you plan your own ocean themed birthday party.

Until next time!

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