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Menorah Craft Ideas | Hanukkah Crafts For Kids

I love to do Hanukkah craft activities with my son every year as Hanukkah arrives. This has become a festive family ritual of sorts. We use our completed Hanukkah craft projects as decorations for our Hanukkah table and house. We tried some menorah craft ideas this time using old artwork pages from my son’s art file. 

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The end result looked so beautiful on our Hanukkah table, plus this is a great idea to reuse some of our children’s old art pages and make something new and memorable.

You can even try using this idea to make Hanukkah cards for family, friends, and teachers at school. This craft activity is also great as Hanukkah activities for preschool.

Check out some of our previous years’ Hanukkah craft ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

Star of David Hanukkah craft

A roundup of easy Hanukkah crafts

easy menorah craft idea for Hanukkah


What you need

Your child’s old artwork sheets

1 plain white craft paper





How to make it

  1. Help the child by drawing the menorah and candles on old artwork papers of your child.
  2. Draw the flames for the candles on an artwork that has yellow or orange colors used.
  3. Cut the menorah, candles, and flames. Help younger children if cutting work gets too tiring.
  4. Then on a blank white craft paper stick the menorah pieces and build your menorah.
  5. That is it, done, and the end result looks so beautiful.

Menorah craft for Hanukkah

Hope you try this menorah craft this Hanukkah with your children. Let me know how it goes.

Until next time!

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