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no bake energy balls

No Bake Energy Balls Recipes: Healthy And Quick

3 mouthwatering protein-rich no bake energy balls recipes for busy families. Easy and quick to make, they are a perfect snack for pregnant, lactating mothers and small children. Once you try these you won’t go back to junk snacks again.

no bake energy bars-vegan snack idea

Super Easy No Bake Energy Bars: Quick Vegan Snack

Looking for a nutrient-dense energy bar recipe? One that is super easy to make and healthy too. These no bake energy bars are your answer. They taste divine and pack in on protein and energy. Use them as a DIY breakfast bar, or as a quick snack on the go.

Slurrp farm masala dosa mix

Masala Dosa Wrap Using Slurrp Farm Millet Dosa Mix

Do you want to provide a healthy snack for your kids? One that is easy to make and nutritious too. Slurrp farm has launched its new dosa and pancake mixes. Find out how I made a yummy masala dosa wrap with a twist using these mixes.

homemade nutella healthy

Easy Homemade Nutella Recipe: 4 ingredients only!

Are you looking for a simple and easy homemade Nutella recipe? I have just the recipe for you. Not only are the ingredients healthy this sinful treat is packed with protein, vitamins, and antioxidants. Once you taste this homemade Nutella, you will never go back to the original.

no bake vegan cheesecake

Easy No Bake Vegan Cheesecake Recipe

This easy no bake vegan cheesecake recipe will have you coming back for more. Requires no cooking skills and tastes divine. This recipe is vegan and dairy allergy friendly. Versatile enough for kids parties or when hosting adults for dinner.

Baby led weaning breakfast ideas

Baby Led Weaning Breakfast Ideas

Are you looking for baby led weaning friendly breakfast ideas. Here is a list of ideas that will get you inspired to serve healthier options to baby.

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