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30 Amazing Oats Recipes For Babies And Toddlers

When it is time to start solids for baby, parents have many questions in mind. Which first foods are the best for the baby to start with? How to ensure baby gets enough iron?

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In many cultures around the world, parents start with whole grains based cereals that are rich in iron like rice cereals, barley, maize, or oatmeal for babies. Some parents prefer iron-fortified whole grain baby cereal as an easy way to get this essential mineral in. Whatever you choose it is generally accepted that whole grains based cereals and porridge are good first food for baby.

Where do oats stand in all of this?



Oats are a whole-grain cereal that contains a variety of nutrients that are good for the baby. A cup of oats contains a good amount of carbohydrates and protein, 41% iron, 69% magnesium, and 41% zinc %DV. (source)

Oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan that helps keep the child full for longer. Beta-glucan also promotes the growth of healthy gut bacteria that aid good digestion.

Whole grain oats also contain antioxidants and polyphenols that protect the body against inflammation. (source)


Let us look at the differences in the most commonly found types of oats

Oats groats

Oats groats is another name for the oats kernel. It is what you get after harvesting oats, cleaning them and removing the outer hull. These take the longest to cook somewhere close to 30 minutes.

Steel-cut oats

Steel-cut oats are made when you take the oats groats and cut them into pieces using steel blades. These cook faster compared to oats groats.

Rolled oats

Rolled oats or old-fashioned oats are created when the oats groats are steamed and rolled into flakes. Rolled oats cook in about 15-20 minutes.

Instant oats 

Rolled oats when rolled even thinner, and steamed create what we call as instant oats. These are the most processed kind of oats, but they cook the quickest, in under 5 minutes.

The important point to note here is that the nutrition stays the same in all these types of oats as they are all derived from the whole grain and choosing what type of oats to cook depends on what is more convenient to you. (source)

I personally love using rolled oats to make porridge and granola bars and instant oats for quick breakfast porridge and to make oats flour for pancakes.

When choosing instant oats make sure they are the variety that only contains oats and don’t come in those quick to prepare packages loaded with unnecessary added sugars, salt, and other flavoring agents. Find out here what brands I use.

You can prepare oats in many ways and sweeten or spice it up to your liking and make yummy meals.

Here are some oats recipes for babies and toddlers you can try.

30 Amazing Oat Recipes For Babies And Toddlers

1. Basic Oats Recipe For Babies (6months+)

Basic Oats Porridge


1/4 cup instant oats

150 ml water


Cook the oats in water for about 5 minutes. Keep stirring so that the oats don’t stick to the sides of the vessel and burn.

This can be one of the first foods for the baby like a baby oatmeal porridge. As the baby grows older you can add more nutrition to this basic oats recipe by adding a combination of ground flaxseed powder, almond butter, and a dash of cinnamon powder.

2. Banana Oats (1 year+)

Banana Oats Porridge


1/4 cup rolled oats

150 ml soymilk/almond milk

1 mashed banana


Cook the rolled oats in milk. Add in a mashed banana for sweetness. Rolled oats take about 15 minutes to cook to a soft texture.

Add toppings of your choice. Featured here are toasted pumpkin seeds, almond butter and some blueberries. 

A nutrient dense way to start the day. You have slow release carbs, iron, potassium, magnesium and Vit C all in one bowl. The sweetness comes from fruit with no extra added sugars.

3. Tahini Oats (1 year+)

Tahini Oats Porridge


1 cup oats

1.5 cups water

1 tablespoon 100% sesame seed tahini


Cook oats in water in a similar way as the basic oats recipe.

Once cooked, mix in a tablespoon of tahina.

Featured toppings are honey glazed pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.

4. Mango Overnight Oats (1 year+)

Mango Overnight Oats


1/3 cup instant oats/rolled oats

150 ml coconut milk

3 tablespoon chia seeds

1 tablespoon ground flaxseed powder

½ chopped mango pieces

1 tsp maple syrup


Mix all the ingredients well in a bowl. Pour into mason jars and keep in the fridge overnight.

Have the next morning for breakfast with more chopped mango pieces as toppings

5. Rawnola (1 year+)



½ cup almonds and cashews

1/3 cup rolled oats

4 dates

1 tbsp desiccated coconut


Blitz all the ingredients in a blender. Make sure to blitz only for a short while to give you a coarse textured rawnola.

To serve take 2-3 tablespoons of rawnola and serve with milk. Add fruits like banana or berries as toppings and some coconut meat, hemp seeds or any other seeds of choice.

6. Fig Banana Oats Porridge (1.5 yr +)

Fig Banana Oats Porridge


1 cup oats

1.5 cups water

1 mashed banana

1 tsp almond butter

1 tsp flaxseed powder

½ tsp cacao powder

handful of chopped figs


Add a mashed banana to oats with water. Cook for about 5 minutes while continuously stirring. Add half a tsp of raw cacao powder and once cooked mix in almond butter, flaxseed powder, and chopped figs.

Raw cacao powder contains a high amount of iron which can be beneficial to meet nutritional gaps in picky eaters meals. But at the same time raw cacao also contains some amount of caffeine, so make sure to use raw cacao occasionally and in recipes for older toddlers and preschoolers.

7. Oat Muffins (1.5 yrs +)

Here is an easy and healthy toddler oat muffin recipe

8. Blueberry Oats Porridge (6 months+)

Blueberry Oats Porridge


1 cup oats

1.5 cup water/soymilk/almond milk

2 tbsp blueberry puree


Cook the oats and blueberry puree in water/milk and keep stirring as you cook so that the oats don’t stick to the sides. Once served add toppings of your choice, here we went with strawberries.

9. Coconut Overnight Oats (8 months+)

Coconut Overnight Oats


1/3 cup rolled oats

1 cup almond milk

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp hemp seeds

1 tsp almond butter

1 tsp dessicated coconut

Pomegranate for toppings


Mix all the ingredients well and store in mason jars in the fridge overnight.

Serve with toppings of your choice, (here you see pomegranate seeds) the next day.

10. Oat Pancakes (1 year+)

I love making oat pancakes for the family. These are a big hit with our boy and I am assured he is getting good nutrition as he enjoys them.

This recipe along with 36 snack recipes is available in my eBook, The Easy Toddler Snackbook for $4.99

11. Banana Smoothie With Oats (1year+)


1 banana

150 ml cow milk/almond milk/soy milk

2-4 tbsp oats

1 tsp honey

Handful cashews


Blitz all the ingredients together in a high speed blender. Serve chilled as a breakfast option on busy mornings.

12. Mango Oats Porridge (6 months+)

Mango Oats Porridge


1/4 cup oats

150 ml coconut milk

½ chopped mango pieces


Cook the oats in coconut milk while stirring continuously so that the oats do not stick to the sides. Add chopped mango pieces to the oats as they cook. The oats take about 5 minutes to cook. Once cooked, serve in a bowl and add more mango as toppings and your favorite nuts and seeds powder for added nutrition. 

13. Strawberry Oats Porridge (6 months+)

Similar to the mango oats porridge one can make any fruit combination in oats porridge.


¼ cup oats

150 ml soymilk/almond milk

4-5 chopped strawberries


Cook the oats, milk, and strawberries together. Stir continuously and when serving add a tsp of flaxseed powder and 1 tsp almond butter.

14. Apple Cinnamon Oats Porridge (1 year+)


¼ cup oats

150 ml soy milk/almond/cow milk

½ chopped apple

¼ tsp cinnamon powder


Cook the oats, milk, apple, and cinnamon together. Make sure to stir continuously. Once done, serve with some more chopped apples, chopped walnuts, and honey.

15. Oats Upma

Here is a quick recipe for oats upma 

16. Oats Idli

We tried this recipe recently and it has quickly become my go-to recipe for busy mornings. We have it without the tempering most times but the idli with tempering is super delicious too.

17. Oats Dosa

Here is an instant oats dosa recipe for you to try.

18. Oat and Peanut Butter Balls (1 year+)


1 cup rolled oats (coarsely ground)

1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder

2-3 tbsps peanut butter

2 tbsp honey 


Combine all the ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Spoon out small quantities and roll into ball shapes.

Stays fresh in the fridge for upto 7 days.

19. Tahini Oat Bites (1 year+)

Tahini Oats Bites and Cranberry Oat Bites

Here is the recipe for tahini oat balls. Your toddler will love these calcium-rich energy balls. Great as a snack box addition for toddlers and preschoolers too.

20. Cranberry Oat Bites (1 year+)

These cranberry oat bites are a superb combination of soft, salty and sweet flavors.

21. DIY Oats Cereal (1 year+)

If you are in a rush in the mornings, another quick way to enjoy oats is to make your own oats cereal.

In a bowl add lightly toasted rolled oats, raisins, almond flakes, a mix of your favorite dehydrated fruit, a tsp of honey, and milk. Keep the cereal and milk mixture soaking for 15 minutes and then enjoy it.

21. Homemade Granola (1 year+)

If you have more time you can batch prepare some homemade granola and use it as a breakfast option on busy weekday mornings. Here is a super healthy granola recipe for you. 

22. Granola Bar (1 year+)

You can also try these delicious granola bars I make for our son as a snack or lunch box treat. Very easy to make and kids love it. My first choice over chocolate any day.

23. Oats Muffins (1 year+)

Try these healthy oat muffins the next time your child wants something sweet. These are super delicious and so easy to make, great as a packed daycare snack option too.

24. Carrot Cake Oat Cakes

These yummy and unique carrot cake oat cakes were a huge hit with our son. Super delicious and an easy way to add veggies to snacks too.

25. Oats Breakfast Bar

breakfast bars for kids

This simple oats breakfast bars recipe packs in the nutrition with oats, apples, peanut butter and some maple syrup. These are meal planning friendly and pair perfectly with some yogurt in for breakfast.

26. Oats Khichdi 

A simple and nutritious oats khichdi recipe for babies

27. Banana Oat Cookies (7 month+)

You can’t get an easier cookie recipe than this one.

28. Savory Oats Bowl 

I loved this idea of building a savory oats bowl. It contains a good balance of nutrients and sounds so delicious. I can’t wait to try this one soon.

29. Oats with Mashed Potatoes (6 months+)

Adding oats and potatoes together is an easy to digest food combination for baby. This recipe is great as the first food for babies that packs in nutrients in every bite.

30. Cheesy Broccoli Oats

I have tried a similar recipe combination of oats and broccoli in a savory format and our son had loved it. The addition of cheese is definitely going to enhance the flavors here.

There you go,

My hope with this post is that you find some new recipes to add to your existing recipe bank. Let me know if you try any of these oat recipes.

I love cooking with oats because it is such a versatile grain to cook with and so easy to build a variety of oatmeal porridge combinations.

Also, comment below if you have some yummy oat recipes for babies of your own.

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