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Winter Capsule Wardrobe For Toddler Boy (18-24 month)

A winter capsule wardrobe is functional and fun to build. I first started building my son a capsule wardrobe when he was 6 month old. Those of you following my series in the past know I am a big fan of the trend. It saves me time as a mom and every look for my son is stylish and put together.

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If you don’t know about capsule wardrobes they are basically wardrobes built with select pieces between 12-33 in number that can be styled together to give cohesive looks every time.

In the last capsule I stuck with neutral colors, this time I wanted to add some fun colors and prints. My son is growing up and is beginning to get excited about dressing himself. Bold colors and cute prints make the process fun for him. Though I love dinosaur, car and monster prints for boys. I don’t like to restrict his wardrobe choices to these specifc prints. You will see that his clothes are a mix of neutrals, few fun character prints and then some unique trendy pieces.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe Essentials

Before I get into the details of the clothes, I want to list what is needed for his 18-24 month capsule wardrobe.

Since he is on the tall and lean side, most of his 12-18 month tees and onesies still fit him quite well. Investing in good quality pieces helps with getting good use out of clothes in such cases. Carrying forward these pieces of clothes reduced a lot of shopping for me.

I like adding layers for styling my son in Indian winters. Especially through the transitional weather of October heat through to cold December and January months.

His wardrobe is a mix of lighter cotton tees, half sleeved and full sleeved tees, long sleeved onesies and shirts, jackets, short pants, denims, joggers etc. This way I can mix and match according to the weather and still have different looks for him.

winter capsule wardrobe toddler


For the winter’s I stuck mostly with long sleeved onesies for Little A. Onesies are a great option for nightwear paired with loose pants. I bought my son 8 Onesies for the coming season. My go to brand for onesies is H&M, they have a line called Conscious clothing, that is an organic cotton line. H&M always runs deals on this collection like buy 2 get 1 free. A great option when you want to stock up for the coming season.

Mommy shopping tip: H&M has a rack at the back of the kids clothing section with “Clearance Pieces”. I always find good deals there. Be sure to check this rack the next time you shop at H&M. Some sets are priced as low as Rupees 350.



This time I didn’t buy a lot of tees as we have many in good condition from my last capsule. Also we get gifted tees from time to time. That’s why I bought 6 tees for the winter capsule wardrobe. The color palette was a mix of neutrals, whites and these two cute cartoon  tees I found on an sale.

Mommy shopping tip: First get yourself an Amazon prime, and membership. Then keep an eye out for deals on kids clothing. I find some great deals on kids clothing on Amazon, both the cartoon tees were on flash sale, I bought them for less than Rupees 150. Sometimes brands like GAP and Mothercare go on flat 50% off too!!


Toddler years are rough on the clothes. We get a lot of wear out of pants. I bought Little A 7 pants – 2 shorts, 1 black denim, 4 jogger pants. This variety allows me to style different looks for him based on our activity for the day. For bottom wear I tend to stick with darker shades since they get dirty so quickly.
Mommy shopping tip: For clothes like pants that require frequent purchasing because of wear and tear I buy from export surplus clothing stores like MyFaktory. MyFaktory is a facebook group run by a mommyprenur that brings quality clothes from international brands at affordable prices. I shop here regularly for Little A and love the quality of the clothes and the fact that I am helping support another hard working mom.

Sweat Shirts


Layering with sweatshirts is one of my favorite styling look for my son. I bought 2 sweatshirts for the coming winters, they can be worn just as or with a shirt inside for a semi formal look.



Where we live winters don’t get very cold, so I bought Little A one organic cotton winter jacket, one black denim shirt and another thick plaid shirt that can be used as outerwear. To get an idea on how I plan to style the sweatshirt and jackets for layered looks, you can check my post on autumn looks for toddler boys.

Occasion Wear

Winter Capsule Wardrobe - Occasion wear

This time I bought him one formal bow tie set and another simple organic cotton kurta as occasion wear. I also use shirt and denim as a semi formal look for Little A at birthday parties or smaller events. We have a few shirts gifted this time so didn’t buy any extras.


H&M organic cotton socks are my go to for my son, we have 6 pairs in white, blue and grey. Colors that can easily match any outfit.


In the last capsule he had white sneakers. Since its winters I switched to dark coloured shoes. 1 pair of black shoes and 1 pair of brown boots.

Outfit Ideas

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  1. How nice! I love their collection. Never heard of Winter capsule before but this looks like a good brand to buy a baby’s clothes from. Thanks for the review.

  2. Wow I had actually not heard about the capsule wardrobe for kids . H&M does have good collection and thanks for the tips on the rack of the clearance sale . Will keep a look out for it next time

  3. These are really helpful ideas for a capsule wardrobe. I can never think of going minimal ophira, don’t know how you do it.


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