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10 Best Non Toy Gifts For Toddlers

Throughout childhood years children get gifted many toys. While we may not think much when we buy a plastic toy for the next childs birthday party, its the parents of the child who need to deal with a huge load of toys after each birthday. Many of the toys are repeats of already owned toys or something the child is not really interested in. The result is a lot of waste.

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Gifting a toy is not the only option when want to a gift a toddler.

Here are some non-toy gifts for toddlers that will not only stand out as unique but also be appreciated by the family receiving it.

non toy gifts for toddlers


An Experience

Tickets to a play, puppet show, a reading of their favorite book, a special restaurant, tickets to a guided tour of the local zoo, museum, or national park. All of these make fun experience gifts for toddlers.

Activity Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are like a gift that keeps giving. Older toddlers love art and craft and these days there are many subscription box services of the same.

Example of activity gifts for 3 year olds

Firstcry Intellikit


Magic Crate


One of my favorite non-toy gifts for 1-year-old is the Julia Donaldson Classics series. Toddlers will enjoy the sing-song rhyming storytelling of Julia Donaldson.

Other than this book collection you can also look for unique book titles that the child may not already own.

Some books that I enjoy gifting are,

When I grow up- Noella Menon

Knock Knock!- Kaori Takashaki

The Tiny Seed – Eric Carle

Peep Inside Animal Homes – Anna Milbourne

A Class

Find a local class that the child can participate in. Something that aligns with their interests. There are options like Baby Gym Classes and Baby Music Class. (1 year and up) or Toddler Drama Class, and Skating (perfect for 3-year-olds)

Musical Instruments

One of the best gifts to give a 2-3-year-old is some sort of age-appropriate musical instrument. Musical instruments like a Toddler Drum Set, Casio or harmonica are great first musical instruments for a child to own.

Money/Gift card Amazon or Target

A gift card to Amazon or Target is always a great non toy gift idea. Most parents already have a wishlist of their own and you can help them tick a few boxes off the list.


I remember the time I recieved a piggy bank as a child . I was so excited and got around to using it immediately. All the birthday money I received went into my piggy bank and at the end of the year, I could buy anything I want with that money. This practice taught me the value of money, saving and delayed gratification.

Binoculars/ Magnifying glass

Toddlers are just beginning to make sense of the world they are growing in. Gifts like binoculars and magnifying glass can be used for nature trails or on walks around the house to observe the life of different living creatures. They help create curiosity for nature.

These are unique gifts that are sure to receive a lot of appreciation from parents of the child. Perfect gift ideas for toddlers who have everything.

Customized Accessories

Nowadays there are many online stores that design customized accessories including bath towels, water bottles, and lunchboxes. These not only make a unique gift for toddlers but are also practical.

I love these customized kids blankets by Stork Wares. They are soft, made with minky fabric and come in so many cute designs. Any child would love to own a cute blanket with his name on it.

Handmade Gifts

There is something about receiving a handmade gift, it evokes a feeling of gratitude and love. Handmade gifts like hand-knit sweaters, mittens, handmade patchwork play mat are thoughtful and unique non toy gifts for toddlers.

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What are some of the non toy gift ideas you tried? Do you have some unique ideas of your own? Leave me a comment below.

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