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Mom Fashion Guide: Tips To Build A Stylish Mommy Wardrobe

I have always been interested in fashion and this didn’t change once I became a mommy. One of my favorite things growing up was subscribing to fashion magazines and making scrapbooks of my favorite fashion looks.

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And though I love following fashion trends, I am not one who buys everything that is trending. I am aware of my body shape and buy pieces that suit my frame. My personal style is more chic and classic, with pieces that can be styled in a number of ways.

One look at Pinterest under the search terms mom fashion trends and you realize that moms these days are taking personal style seriously. Today women are living more out going lives and becoming a mommy is not looked at as a phase where you need to tone down your fashion sense. I personally didn’t buy any maternity clothes throughout my pregnancy and enjoyed wearing my regular clothes, as most of my style is anyway more relaxed and casual. Also, maternity brands are now making more stylish mom clothes and good-looking pieces in keeping with this new trend among women.

Post-baby, comfort does play an important role in choosing your outfits. Also if you are breastfeeding you need outfits that are easy to breastfeed in. Keeping these points in mind I altered my wardrobe a little post-baby. But overall I still wear similar type of clothes to I wore earlier. How you style your self becomes more important post-baby, rather than buying a lot of pieces and different trendy looks.

This post will focus on key pieces you need in your mommy wardrobe and how you can style them to look fashionable effortlessly.

Mom fashion tips-camisole top

Camisole/Tank Tops

If you are a breastfeeding mom, these become essential. Buy a few basic colors that come with a built-in removable clasp. This makes them easy to breastfeed in and to pair with other items in your wardrobe. I sometimes pair a button down shirt with a camisole for a relaxed and comfy look. Solid black and dark grey camisoles are must haves in your mommy wardrobe.

To give this regular look a twist, find a few tank tops with a racer back. These look so stylish and stand out compared to a boring camisole look.

Mom fashion Tips-Jacket and silk top


I am a little obsessed with layering. And as a mother, it is amazing to add another layer to your outfit to give you a little extra comfort on the go. No need to worry about your top pulling up or stretching in weird places as you go about playing with your kid.

You need three types of pieces to help layer:

  1. Denim Jacket/ Faux Leather Jacket
  2. Cardigan
  3. Long Shrug


Button Down Shirts

I was not a fan of shirts before I had a baby. Then breastfeeding happened, and I found them to be the most practical option to dress quickly and look put together at the same time. I like to pair them with a cute camisole, or thin tee and white sneakers to give it a sporty look.

Tees-Mom fashion tips


I buy different types of tees to keep my wardrobe interesting. Adding dressy tees with unique elements to them like cutout sleeves, peplum detail, embroidery etc. A dressy tee is easy to wear with jeans and give you a quick special occasion outfit.

vintage-jeans-mom fashion tips


Mom jeans are now a fashion statement worldwide. When selecting jeans you need a comfortable cut, read no oopsy! moments when you bend to pick your child. High waisted jeans are the way to go. Buy a few in solid colors, that don’t show all those baby foods stain easily.

Leggings-mom fashion tips


I don’t need to say more here. Moms live in leggings. They provide comfort and the new fashion trend is all about casual comfort.

I like to pair leggings with an oversized tee, a faux leather jacket and ankle length boots for a night out. Or if the weather is hot, wear the leggings with an oversized tee tying a knot to one side and pairing with sandals.

dresses-mom fashion tips


Maxi dresses and shirtdresses are the best silhouettes in dresses for moms. They provide coverage and are super comfortable as you go about your day doing your mommy duties. I personally love maxi dresses, these especially look great on tall women.

bags-mom fashion tips


I am a huge lover of bags. I love to mix and match bags. My current diaper bag is a huge brown tote. Sometimes I use backpacks with funky prints as diaper bags too. I don’t strictly use diaper bags as a bag. I like to change it up with different totes I already own. For more on how to pack a diaper bag and to get your diaper bag checklist read here.

shoes- Mom fashion tips


Flats are the way to go. If you are comfortable running behind your toddler in heels go for it. I can’t! But I don’t want to wear boring sandals and mommy shoes either. So I mix it up with different styles of flats and sneakers.

For dressy events, I wear ballet flats or sandals with shorter heels. Always great to have these in basic colors like black, nude and tan to match any outfit.

And for regular running around town type of days, I stick to sneakers and other cute flat sandals.

accessories-mom fashion tips


To be honest I slack in this department. I am always running out the door and forget about putting my earrings on. But well thought out accessories make an outfit. Your dress can be simple but a great necklace or earrings can bring the outfit together.

I stick to having a collection of stud earrings and simple necklaces post-baby. But you can rock big neckpieces and chunky bracelets too. A unique or statement piece of jewelry just adds that dash of fun to your outfit.

occasion wear- mom fashion tips

Occasion Wear

I had a hard time finding Indian ethnic wear that was breastfeeding friendly and occasion worthy. Either they have a lot of sequin work on it that is not suited to my baby’s soft skin, or if made in chiffon or georgette material they looked more semi-casual.

Many women in India love to wear sarees, but in my case, I am not comfortable in them since I don’t wear them regularly. And when attending parties with my son I prefer comfort over style. If you are like me custom-made salwar kameez is an answer. Choose rich-looking materials like silks and satins to give your simple breastfeeding friendly salwar kameez a party look.

I love wearing dresses as occasion wear too. Kimono style dresses, and wrap dresses are easy to breastfeed in and add that special element to the dress that makes it look party wear. Pairing them with cute accessories makes them stylish mom outfits for any occasion.

Busy Mom Fashion Tips

Which piece of clothing do you rely on as a mommy? What are your go-to mom fashion tips? Leave me a comment below.

21 thoughts on “Mom Fashion Guide: Tips To Build A Stylish Mommy Wardrobe”

  1. I was more comfortable in maxi dresses as said it is more comfortable and covers everything..For every doctor visit i used to wear maxi dresses as for feeding and as i had a c-sec my scars took some time to heal so i didn’t want to go with leggings or jeans

    • Dresses are easy to breastfeed in too. I get off shoulder ones or strapless ones and pair them with a jacket. Super comfy and stylish.

  2. I chose comfort too . I am not a person who just blindly follows trends. I like to wear clothes which are simple. At home I am always in shorts and tee. For parties I am comfortable in knee length dresses & skirts. These are my favourite. I like cotton pants over Denims. Not much of my clothing choice has changed after motherhood.

    • Yes, these days I too am moving from jeans to more comfortable palazzo pants. I like that they look stylish yet are so comfortable.

  3. My favorite jeans since having my baby are Levi’s 711. They are high waisted, give you that Levi’s booty and frankly, hold it all in. Love them and cannot recommend them enough!

  4. This is one comprehensive list of must have in a mom’s wardrobe. My most preferred outfit are button down shirts clubbed with camisoles. They are just the thing to have for breast feeding mothers.

  5. I really appreciated that you said that comfort should be a big part of your style. I have been thinking about getting ethnic clothes. I will make sure I feel comfortable in them.


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