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Babyled Weaning On Vacation (Part 1)

There is a lot to consider when planning a trip with a baby. New parents worry about providing nutritious meals on vacation and rightfully so. With a baby led-weaned child it’s easier to provide from varied food options, albeit the mess! In this post, I shed light on how to prepare for the trip.

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If you are new here, check my first post introducing moms to the concept of babyled weaning, before you start.

Now back to babyled weaning on vacation.

Points to consider

  • What type of vacation are you planning? Local/Abroad
  • Length of the Vacation
  • Age of your child. Is the vacation going to be in the initial stages of babyled weaning or once the baby is more advanced with their eating skills?
  • Equipment to carry
  • Type of accommodation; will it be an accommodation with attached kitchen (where you can prepare meals) or a hotel room.
  • Will there be periods of intense travel with minimal access to fresh food like airplane journeys, long bus/train rides, long car drives.

How to prepare?

If your baby is 6 – 8 months old you may be still primarily breastfeeding or bottle feeding. At this stage, you have to plan about 2-3 meals a day. These can be simple finger foods, fruits & food pouches.

If your baby is older than 8 months plan extra meals or snacks along with the regular 2 – 3 meals.

Any vacation is bound to affect the baby’s routine. It’s best to be mentally prepared for any curveball that’s thrown your way. Always carry snacks like rice cakes, fruits, natural yogurt pots, cheese for any eventuality. Many babyled weaning moms also prefer to carry a few food pouches for baby on the go. It’s always good to have them as backups.

I will get into details of what can be fed to your baby in the next post; in this post let’s look at some preparations you will have to do prior to your trip.

babyled weaning on vacation, bowl of thai soup

Packing tips

  1. A portable booster chair which is lightweight and easy to wipe down.
  2. Carry a LOT of wet wipes. There are going to be messes! You have to be prepared.
  3. Carry a few Ziploc bags. They are handy to dispose of leftovers on the go.
  4. Pack your own baby’s bowls and plates. Preferably with a suction base. This helps when you are eating at restaurants or lovely hotel rooms. You don’t want baby flinging the plate in the air.
  5. Crumb catching bibs are super useful during travel.
  6. Pack foods that can be cooked even with a kettle of hot water like instant oats, homemade baby porridge mix.
  7. Buy reusable pouches, these are great for packing oats/homemade khichdi/thick soups and carrying on a long plane journey or car rides.
  8. If you have a kitchenette available in the hotel room you have more flexibility. You can pack rice, dal, quinoa, pasta, beans etc. Carry all staples you can think of to make quick meals. The hotel room will have sachets of pepper which can be added to give food flavor.
  9. Pack a small frypan and saucepan this helps to make quick meals like scrambled eggs, oats, porridge etc.

Our Experience

We found booking vacation homes through Airbnb more comfortable as it allowed us to be in control of the food we prepare for our baby. We prefer a vacation home as it comes with a kitchen. On our trips, we would feed him in the room and then go out between meals for sightseeing. This vacation routine put him at ease too, since he started expecting his meals at the room and snacks on the go.

When Airbnb has not been possible we have checked with the hotel for kid-friendly meals. Most hotels are happy to oblige. Breakfast we ate at hotel buffets. For all the other meals I planned a menu of what to feed my baby in advance. That way I felt better prepared to handle any changes that happened.

I hope my post on preparing for travel with your babyled weaning baby helped. In the next post, I will cover what can be offered to baby on vacation and a look at what Little A ate on one such vacation we took. See you in the next post!


14 thoughts on “Babyled Weaning On Vacation (Part 1)”

  1. As the mother of a 10 month old daughter who is currently doing Babyled Weaning , I have to say that your tips are excellent, especially the Packing Tips. Wet wipes, crumb catching bibs, plates with suction cups, are all must-haves!

  2. We’ve always appreciated baby led weaning, but haven’t jumped into it headfirst. It has always made so much sense to me. Maybe we’ll go all in with our newest baby! These tips are so helpful!

    • Thankyou Leah. Babyled weaning is definitely messier but you will be amazed at how quickly little one will pick up self eating skills. I wish you the best with your next 🙂


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