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10 Wooden Toy Brands For Kids: Non-Toxic Toy Guide

When it comes to children’s toys, the quality of the toy is of utmost importance. Especially in the first 2 years of the child’s life, when they love to chew and mouth toys, choosing the right material is very important. Plastic toys may contain phthalates, PVC and BPA. Finding quality toys preferably made of wood is one of my biggest mommy missions. So here are 10 wooden toy brands for kids that are tried, tested and toddler approved! ¬†Hoping my recommendations are useful when you are making a choice for your kids.

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1. Non-toxic material: Unlike plastic toys, wood is non-toxic material, that is safe for young children to play with. At the same time, I will add a cautionary note here, you must invest in good quality wooden toys where the brand clearly states the certifications on the labels and use of non-toxic paint. Whenever you find labeling vague or incomplete do not buy such a toy.
2. Generational toys: Wooden toys are durable and can be passed down the generations.
3. An Eco-friendly option. Battery operated toys are not only overly stimulating to the child they are also toxic to the environment.
4. Since most wooden toys are open-ended in nature they provide an opportunity for imaginative and creative play.

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wooden toy brands-age appropriate toys


1. Maya Organic

Starting this list with wooden toys made in India, and Maya Organic. Maya organic makes traditional Indian wooden toys that are made using natural materials like lac (resin), natural dyes and wood. They are a fair trade organization that supports local channapatna artisans. These beautiful channapatna toys are sure to remind you of your own childhood. I look at these pieces as legacy toys, toys to be cherished and loved by generations.


Wooden stacker toy

Wooden pull toy

Wooden push toy

Stack and play wooden pull toy

2. Skola Toys

If you are looking for good quality educational wooden toys then Skola Toys is your answer. They design toys based on skill levels for each age group with an opportunity to play with the same toy repeatedly as the child grows. I love such open-ended toys that can be used over and over. Not only are open-ended toys a great value for money but also help spark the child’s creativity and imagination. Skola Toys even makes affordable wooden toys for birthday return gifts.


Wooden twisty stacking toy

Rainbow roof stack and nest

Wooden building blocks

Dino magnetic number maze

3. Shumee Toys

When I first started looking for wooden toys made in India I came across Shumee Toys. Some of their pretend play toys caught my eye for their cute and whimsical designs. Shumee Toys designs non-toxic toys that are fun and open-ended in nature.
They now boast of a huge range of wooden toys, covering everything from wooden rattles to wooden puzzles.

Get a 15% discount on Shumee wooden and educational toys, books and nursery decor. Use code LYLEASYMOM at checkout.


Bruno dog pull along toy

Shape sorter puzzle

DIY wooden build a house-dollhouse set

4. Hape Toys

Anyone who follows me on Instagram, knows I am a big fan of Hape Toys. Over the years we have built quite a collection of Hape toys in our home and I am never disappointed with the quality. The toys are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, built with solid wood in most cases and feature rounded edges that make them a safe option for the roughest of play.


Fruit and vegetable set

Wood maple blocks

Classic train toy

Chunky alphabet puzzle game

5. Skillofun

Another brand of wooden toys we use in our home. They make a wide variety of toys that are affordable in price. If you are looking for wooden educational toys for preschoolers, Skillofun has a huge range of toys in this category. In fact, Skillofun even designs special Montessori tools and equipment, making this brand the first choice when setting up an at-home Montessori environment.


Wooden shape tray

Number shape tray

Sewing toy

Wooden lacing shoes

6. Brainsmith

A new entrant in the Indian toy industry. Brainsmith started their collection with flash cards and educational material for older kids moving into the early years with wooden toys for pretend play and motor skills development.


Multi-shape sorting board

Memory game

Kids logic stacking toy

Shape sorting lorry

7. Ikea

The Ikea launch in India has been a grand success. Mothers like me are always looking to Ikea for functional, affordable and chic styled products. Their kid’s range and toys are up there when it comes to matching expectations. We bought Ikea cars for our son on his first birthday and since then have added many other toys to our collection. I love the build quality and simple designs of Ikea toys.


Basic train set


3 piece train set

Crane with blocks

8. Goki

I first saw Goki toys on Though we have personally not bought a toy from their collection we have used some of these Goki toys at play areas around the city. Goki toys feature functional design made with good quality wood. I especially loved their wooden puzzles for toddlers. These puzzles are on my wishlist.


Shape and color sorter

Wooden shape sorter

Wooden workbench

Tumbling tower

9. Melissa & Doug

What wooden toy list would be complete without a mention of Melissa & Doug. Melissa & Doug are known for their puzzles, cooking related pretend play toys and arts and crafts toys. Their toys are focused around imaginative play and creativity.

Wooden pound a peg

Take along toolkit

Farm animals puzzles

Wooden vehicle peg puzzle

10. Little Genius

I stumbled across this brand when I was going about preschool hunting. I noticed most schools here use Little Genius wooden toys and materials in class. On more research, I found their toys affordable and geared towards preschoolers. Little Genius toys are focused on educational concept learning.


Fruits with big knob tray

Geo sorting board

Rolling shape sorter

Chakla and belan

That’s it for now. These are the 10 wooden toy brands that we have used. As always I will leave you with a note to buy only the most basic toys and not go overboard buying everything you see. Even a minimal collection of appropriately chosen open-ended toys can bring the child joy and can be used over and over again in different ways.

Do you have favorites from among the wooden toy brands I mentioned here? Do leave me a comment below on your child’s most played with toy.

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  1. Amazing post, thanks you for sharing such an informative post ,i’m always very confused what kind of gifts to buy for my nephew and I was looking for a useful toys which can encourage him in learning, these wooden toys are really the perfect gifts for him. Hope he would love to play and learn with them.

  2. Hi there! You have shared an amazing blog. We can use wood for making toys through your blog. I will definitely gift it to my kid. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Keep posting.


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