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10 Unique New Baby Gifts That Impress

The baby season seems to have hit us. New moms receive so many repeat gifts most of which go unused. To make sure you bring a newborn gift that impresses the new parents, here is a list of unique new baby gifts. Each of these gifts is gender neutral making it even easier to make a correct choice for the new parents.

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Before we start I want to make it a point you don’t forget about the new mommy, here is a list of unique gifts for new mom.

Let’s get started,

unique new baby gifts


Diaper cake

This is one idea that is unique and practical at the same time. One search on Facebook for a diaper cake and many mom run shops pop up.

I have used such services many times now, it’s a great way to support mompreneurs and present a diaper gift that parents are not expecting. Diaper cakes can be made based on a theme or color scheme of your choice.

Modern cloth diapers

When I was first started building my son’s cloth diaper stash there was nothing I wanted more than a cloth diaper as a gift. Modern cloth diapers are quite an expensive buy when you are building a stash and often puts a strain on the family budget. You can help them with a few cloth diapers as a new baby gift.

Not many people use this as an idea so it will come as a pleasant surprise to the new parents. There are many Indian companies making these modern cloth diapers. Here are some of my favorite cloth diaper brands in India; Superbottoms, and Bumpadum

Superbottoms Cloth Diapers
Bumpadum Organic Cloth Diaper- Rhapsody

Personalized Baby Blankets

Don’t just get any baby blanket, get one personalized with the child’s name on it. These customized baby blankets by Stork Wares are super soft and comfy and they come in so many adorable prints.

Check their beautiful collection here.

This gift will definitely get the, “Awww’s” and become a cherished baby item for the new parents.

Baby hand cast

This is a personalized gift that the new parents will treasure. A unique way to capture babies growing moments in a cast form. The cast can be made into a keepsake or added to a frame for the wall.

New baby photoshoot

New parents want to click as many pictures as possible of their little ones. Not many can afford an additional expense in the form of a newborn photo shoot. Goes without saying this gift will stand out from the rest.

Baby carrier

A baby carrier is essential for a new mommy who lives in a nuclear setup. Strap baby in and go about doing your household chores. No need to stress about the baby crying in the crib or rocker as you complete your chores. A baby wrap style carrier is perfect for the newborn stage.

Anmol Baby Carriers – Daabu Chevron Grey

Motorola baby monitor

A baby monitor is one of the big-ticket expenses on a new parents list. The Motorola baby monitor features an LCD monitor, remote pan, title and zoom, infrared night vision, room temperature monitor and five lullabies.

Motorola MBP36 Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

Milestone cards or blanket

Don’t have a big budget but still want to add something unique as a baby gift. Milestone cards are in trend right now. Every new mom is taking monthly pictures the first year of baby’s life, a milestone card enhances that monthly photo. There are many varieties to choose from, take a look here;

Baby’s First Milestone Cards
Pearhead Baby Milestone Stickers

Baby Milestone Blanket

Play gym

A play gym engages the baby as mommy and daddy get a break from parenting. Play gyms help with hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and encourage movement.

Some play gyms can be converted into a mini tent as the child grows. This multifunctional gift then grows with the child providing many warm memories along the way.

Cuddly Coo has a decently priced baby play gym that converts into a tent for the toddler years. Use my code CCOPHIRA for an extra 5% off sitewide.

Gift card

There were many times in those initial months with the new baby where all we wanted was a gift card or some cash. For example, Amazon has an Amazon email gift card that can be sent by email.

I like giving gift cards because they are customizable according to my budget. At the same time, the receiver can decide what to buy leaving the guessing work out.

We received many of these unique new baby gifts when we first brought baby home, my favorite was receiving a lovely Anmol baby wrap. That baby wrap was my introduction to babywearing and helped me in the initial months as we settled into a routine.

What were some of the unique baby gifts you received? Which one did you want the most?

10 thoughts on “10 Unique New Baby Gifts That Impress”

  1. lovely ideas. i am always at a loss as to what to gift a new mom, especially when I know they would already have everything they could possibly need!

    • Thank you for the comment Ishieta, that’s exactly why I wrote this list of new baby gift ideas. It’s a great way to inspire people and hopefully reduce the truckloads of newborn clothes that are received and never worn…hehe

  2. My kids are now 9 and 12, so what I needed for them is almost obsolete now. Thanks for this list! I remember having things that I had no idea what to do with. I do tend to stick with gift cards so that they can get what they need, even if it is months later.

  3. I love the idea of gifting a baby photo shoot! A diaper cake or just diapers in general are also great. I also like to knit wool socks for the newbie, but this obviously depends on the climate 😉

  4. I really like your tip about how a baby carrier can help a mother strap her child in and go about her household work. My cousin recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, and they’re having her Christened next week. I think a nice baby carrier will make for a nice gift. Thanks for this really helpful piece!


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