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10 Cool And Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Hey, guess what! It’s Father’s Day month, it’s time to pamper dads with gifts they would love to get. And to help you out here is a super list of unique father’s day gift ideas to make your gift hunting a breeze.

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unique gift ideas for father's day


  1. French Press

The best coffee you drink can also be the lightest on your pocket!

Many coffee lovers (including my husband) believe that the coffee made in a French Press tastes best. The coffee is able to retain it’s oils and flavors and is at the correct temperature. It is void of impurities that get added through manufacturing and coffee machine mechanisms. The flavor is closest to the ground coffee with a warm aroma that fills the room.

After using multiple French Presses and spending a fortune my husband came across the Instacuppa French Press and boy does he love it. It’s affordable with long-lasting filters. If your husband is a coffee lover like mine, this is the coffee maker to gift.

Of course, you’ll also need some coffee beans. My recommendations are:

Lavazza Crema E Gusto

Sunbean Panagiri

2. Smart Watch

Wearables are all the rage these days. They are a great way to monitor your physical activity and keep you motivated to get in shape. They come in various form-factors from bands to watches to heart rate monitors. Popular wearables are Apple Watch Series 3 and Fitbit Versa.

3. Car Detailing

Every guy wants to see his car spotless and shining. Car detailers can be called on location to clean and polish the car. Depending upon the work involved it can take anywhere between 2-5 hours to detail a car. It’s a very thoughtful gesture and sure to bring a smile on dad’s face.

4. Wireless Speaker

Wireless speakers come in a vast array of sizes and price points. Large speakers offer great sound output and bass, they are primarily meant to be kept in a fixed location around the house whereas smaller ones can be tucked conveniently in the carry-on luggage and are great as a travel companion.

5. Cycle

In the last decade there has been a cycling revolution in India, no longer are we limited to a couple of brands. Heck, you can even order them online now. If getting back in shape is a priority there is no better tool than getting a bicycle.

unique gift ideas to wow dads

6. Gym Kit

With our busy lives, it’s always great if we can sneak in a bit of exercise while at home. These home gym kits can help you stay in shape on days when it is not feasible to hit the gym.

7. Air Fryer

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult when our lives are so fast-paced. An air fryer can help maintain the flavor of your favorite foods without the added calories. An air fryer makes a perfect gift for the foodie dad.

8. Electric Toothbrush

This gift will surprise and wow your dad for sure. An electric toothbrush is such a practical and unique father’s day gift idea that dad will remember this gesture for a long time after.

9. Amazon Echo

Now, dad can relax at the end of the day, have the lights dimmed and listen to his favorite songs all with the help of this hands-free device. He can call or message someone hands-free simply by connecting to Alexa. The Amazon Echo is one new age device that is on every dad’s secret wishlist.

10. Gift cards

If it’s too late, you need not worry! Gift cards can be digitally sent and relieve you of the stress of getting the right gift.

There you go,

I hope these unique father’s day gift ideas help you decide on a lovely gift for your dad. These amazing men in our lives deserve a little pampering too. Do drop me a line and let me know what you got your dad this Father’s day.

This blogpost contains affiliate links. These links provide me with a small percentage commission but don’t cost you anything extra.

12 thoughts on “10 Cool And Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas”

  1. We got our Dad a gift certificate for a special rainbow sundial to sit on his windowsill one year, it let him have a custom sun clock handmade made just for him that had all of us kid’s birthdays on it. The tip of the time shadow follows the birthday lines on the days we were born and reminds him of all his children. I don’t remember what it is called exactly but you can find it online with a search.

  2. My dad would love a gift card to Starbucks (he should be part-owner by now). Or, he would love the car detailing. Either way, you put together a wonderful list.


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