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7 Helpful Tips To Find The Perfect Family Car

This is a sponsored post. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

For most families buying a family car is the most expensive purchase – second only to buying a house. A good family car needs to strike a balance between practicality, emotions and most importantly the budget. Given the plethora of options available in the market, it is very easy to be overwhelmed. A set of guidelines can, however, make your decision a lot easier. Let’s look at some important considerations when making the purchase.

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Points To Consider When Buying A Family Car

  1. Safety
    Safety always comes first. For someone who has experienced a car crash first hand, I cannot stress enough on the importance of a safe car. Important safety features which you should consider are Airbags (more the merrier), ESP (Electronic Stability Program), ABS (Antilock Braking System), EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution), TCS (Traction Control System), Blind Spot Monitor, Lane Departure Warning, Fatigue Detection, ISOFIX to name a few.
  2. Body Type
    For a large family buying an MUV (Multi Utility Vehicle) is a no-brainer. An MUV offers a tonne of space. Ingress and egress are easy thanks to a low sill, high roof, and large doors. While it’s certainly not an eye catcher the practicality of an MUV beats its cons. For a family of three, a midsize sedan is ideal as it offers the most bang for the buck.

family car

  1. Interior Features
    While your family car may be your daily driver; it happens ever so often that you need the car to perform tasks which it wasn’t necessarily designed for. Features like flat collapsing seats or 60:40 split seats more than double your cargo carrying capability. Rear air conditioning vents are vital if the rear seats are going to be occupied for a significant period of time. A moonroof helps light in and makes the cabin airy. Rear bench charging points have become indispensable in the age of smartphones. A few minivans come with an integrated vacuum cleaner to manage a messy car. Jot down the features that you feel are absolutely vital to your needs.
  2. Budget
    More often than not you’ll like a car that requires you to stretch your budget or even cross that red line. Weigh the benefits or necessity of those extra new features. If you already own a vehicle ask yourself if you have ever felt a lacking of the new features in your current car or what is the likelihood of using the new features. Use an auto loan calculator to balance your monthly payments.
  3. Cost Of Ownership
    A car well taken care of can last a long time. While there may be some truth about the cost of ownership of Europeans brands vis-à-vis Japanese or Korean or American. It honestly boils down to individual driving style and the daily conditions that the car is subjected to. Factor in the cost of spares, need for oil changes, mileage, routine maintenance costs before zeroing on your dream car.
  4. Test Drive
    Take a test drive of all the shortlisted cars. Get a feel for the car first hand, do not go on word of mouth reference.
  5. Comparing For The Best Deal
    Don’t get tempted by low prices offered by unauthorized dealers. Look for reputable dealers and ask to see all their documents. Compare prices between dealers and ask for what additional accessories each will provide to get the best bang for your buck. Double check the final offer by each dealer.

Remember each family is different and has different needs. You have to be aware of your own unique family situation and go from there. can help you compare cars and make an informed decision when you select one.

I hope all these tips help finalize the perfect family car for you. What are some of the things you check when you decide on buying a car? Do leave a comment below I am sure it will help other families too.

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