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Review Of Children’s Teepee Tent By CuddlyCoo

Teepee tents are all the rage these days with every nursery design showcasing a children’s teepee tent. I have been eyeing some of the children’s tepee designs on Amazon for a while now. Luckily for me, my wish has been answered! We recently received a Teepee Tent by CuddlyCoo Baby Products and are enjoying using it so much.

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This CuddlyCoo baby products teepee was sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

A children’s teepee tent is a great addition to your toddler’s playroom for many reasons;


  1. As a tool to use in pretend play

Toddlers love getting into cozy corners to play. You can use the teepee tent as a pretend house where the toddler can sit and play his many games. The feeling of this home like protective circle around him creates a sense of comfort and ease when playing. I remember scenes from my own childhood when I made a tent using bedsheets and played in there with my dolls. It felt like my own private space within the home and was one of my favorite places to play and read books.

  1. As a part of the reading nook

I already spoke about the importance of encouraging the reading habit in kids. One way is by creating a reading nook for the child. A teepee makes an inviting little reading nook. Place a bookshelf next to the children’s teepee and a soft rug on the floor and you have set the mood for a cozy read.

  1. Parent and child bonding

Spending time with your child in their pretend world helps you connect with your child. I look at this one on one parent-child pretend playtime as a way to connect with my son and hear his stories, and his view of the world. It’s beautiful to watch how their creativity unfolds when using such props and toys. The child is building confidence, positive self-esteem, and learning the nuances of conversation through such moments spent with you engaging in pretend play.

When CuddlyCoo Baby Products contacted and asked me to review their product, I was positive I wanted to share such a product with my audience. It matches my parenting style, one that is child-led and encouraging of unstructured play and pretend play. I have personally witnessed the benefits of such play with my son, be it his conversation skills, or creativity and intelligence. All aspects of emotional and social skill development are positively impacted through pretend play.

Pretend play and open-ended toys are a great addition to your toddler’s toy collection.



The parts of the teepee tent are packaged in a cardboard box with cute stickers by CuddlyCoo. You will find an instruction pamphlet, the canvas material for the tent, and 12 wooden dowels neatly packed inside.

Structural stability

The teepee tent uses strong pinewood dowels that offer it good structural stability. These are not easily breakable unlike cheap plastic tents found in the market.

The material used for the children’s teepee tent

The tent itself is made of cotton canvas material and is light and airy.

Design of the children’s teepee tent

The teepee comes in 4 attractive colors and prints which makes it easy to match any nursery theme or color scheme. These are Blue Stars, Grey Polka, White Snowflakes, and Mustard Sun.



Available at

CuddlyCoo website. Avail an extra 5% off on any of the CuddlyCoo merchandise by using the code CCOPHIRA.

children's teepee tent - best teepee for toddlers


The first thing I noticed about the teepee is the cute color. I want my son’s play area to be bright and colorful. The CuddlyCoo teepee tents come in a variety of colors. I chose the ‘mustard sun’ color and print since it goes well with our colorful bookstand, red kitchen, and wood toy cart. The mustard color helps bring all the colors of our playroom together beautifully in a subtle yet colorful manner.

The second important point for me is the ease of assembling and dismantling.

The CuddlyCoo teepee tent has a unique screwing mechanism, that holds the dowels in place tightly. Also, the entire setup is easy to follow through with not too many steps. This will also help me when I need to dismantle and put the canvas material to wash.

Oh, and did I mention, the canvas material is machine washable! A big plus in my book. No need to spend extra money on maintaining the teepee.

The third important point that I think is worth mentioning is that the CuddlyCoo teepee tent is sturdy. As a parent, my main concern is always to do with choosing safe toys and materials. The tent holds frame properly and does not collapse and fall easily. Especially with an energetic toddler at hand, I am always concerned about his safety when he engages in rough play. The rods are positioned in a manner that the tent won’t fall off on sudden jerky motions when the child is playing inside.

The use of canvas also adds to the sturdiness of the materials and the teepee has a small window on one side making it airy inside.

We are using the tent for all kinds of pretend play games. Our current favorite is to act like a delivery boy and make deliveries to our “tent home” Surprising my son came up with this idea, which just goes to prove that adding a few new open-ended props to the play area can spark a child’s imagination. Our little ones are adept at making up their own games.

He also loves taking all his cars inside and giving them a ride inside his teepee, as if the Teepee is a whole new space separate from the house that needs to be explored on its own.

The pretend play options with this CuddlyCoo teepee tent are endless and I am so happy it is now a part of my son’s childhood.




Hammock swing

Wooden board swing

What pretend play toys do your kids love playing with? Do you also have a children’s teepee tent in your playroom? Leave me a comment below and check out CuddlyCoo products to know about their kid’s range of hammocks, swings, and teepees.

Feature image courtesy Cuddly Coo Baby Products.

The CuddlyCoo baby products teepee was sent to me for review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own. 

This blog post contains affiliate links. These links make me a commision on sale, but don’t cost you extra.

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