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Here’s How I Manage My Child’s Screen Time and Gadget Usage

In our constantly expanding digital world, staying away from screens has become almost impossible. A major chunk of our modern lives is now intertwined with the virtual world, such that it is bound to have an impact on the home front too. Kids these days are getting exposed to screens at a very early age. But, how much screen time is good for the child? And how can we, as busy parents, keep the child engaged throughout the day without the use of screens?

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Busy modern lives, nuclear family setups and a fewer number of safe open spaces for children have led to many parents resorting to screen time for their bored kids at home. Are you wondering if your child is being exposed to screens a little too much or if this screen exposure is causing your child harm?

Find out how I manage my child’s screen time in this post I wrote for

And don’t forget to leave me a comment below on how you handle screen time for your kids?

1 thought on “Here’s How I Manage My Child’s Screen Time and Gadget Usage”

  1. Interesting, never heard of First Cry. Will definitely check it out. My kid is obsessed with YouTube, so I use the parental controls they have and signed then up for a YouTube Kids account.


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