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5 Must Try Family Valentines Day Celebration Ideas

Most parents are probably spending Valentine’s day at home with their kids. Celebrating a family valentines day is an excellent idea for couples who don’t have caretakers around.

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Last year I wrote a blog post with stay at home date night ideas for couples. Now that you are here, you might want to check out that post too. It includes stay at home date night ideas for two typical situations, one when you can send the kids off to grandma and have the house to yourself and one when they are off to bed at night.

If you are looking for ideas to celebrate Valentine’s day as a family, continue reading.

family valentines day ideas-valentines day celebration


  1. Family Valentines day dinner

Get together as a family and cook Valentine’s day dinner. Make sure to include everyone’s favorite dish on the menu and have fun cooking dinner together.

Decorate the home and make a big deal out of it. These are going to be memories that last a lifetime, have fun planning your special family dinner.

  1. Family Valentines day movie night

Look for family-friendly movies to watch together for Valentine’s day movie night with the fam.

Some movies from our personal list of family films that we look forward to sharing with our son in the future are:

Valentines Day movies for families


Wall E

Beauty and the beast




Oh, and how can I forget the Wizard of Oz?

  1. Valentines day family game night

This is a fun way to make Valentine’s day fun for the littles. Here are a few family games appropriate for Valentine’s day.

Valentine’s day themed scavenger hunt

Valentine’s day musical hearts

Valentines minute to win it

  1. Family Valentines day activities

Some fun ways to incorporate Valentine’s theme into a family day is by organizing some Valentine’s day activities. Here are some ideas,

Build a cookie bar, bake a fresh batch of cookies and get different colored frostings and other decorating titbits and have fun decorating cookies with your kids.

The same idea can be used for other celebratory treats, for example, building your own sundae station, or Cake pops and cupcake decoration.

Is food not your thing? No problem, here are some Valentine’s day craft activities to do with kids.

Pom Pom Monster

Painting a map of my heart

Coffee filter hearts

  1. Valentines Day Family Date Night

Why not celebrate with a family Valentine’s date night? Book a table at your favorite restaurant, get dressed up, and have a fun night as a family.

Want to make the family date night more interesting? find a new restaurant in another town or location and drive there just for dinner. Make it a special night for all of you.

Even without doing any of these things you can still make the day special with yearly Valentine’s Day family rituals.

Every year for Valentine’s day make handmade cards for each other or start the tradition of hosting a special Valentine’s day tea party for the kids.

You can get as creative as you wish and share some amazing memories with your family each Valentine’s Day.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s day together as a family? Do you have some special family rituals centered around Valentine’s day? Do leave me a comment below with your best Valentine’s day tips and ideas, I would love to incorporate more traditions as we grow as a family.

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