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10 Super Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For Kids

Do you enjoy making fun Valentine’s Day crafts with your kids? This is the post for you. Here is a roundup of some super easy Valentine’s Day crafts for kids.

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These simple crafts can be included in your yearly Valentine’s day family traditions and celebrations.

I have been enjoying craft activities this year with our son. We made some fun Hanukkah crafts together for Hanukkah and I can’t wait to try some of these Valentine’s crafts with him.

Before, I get to some of the craft ideas I found on the internet, here is a little Valentine inspired craft we tried recently.

This is a super easy pencil shaving art you can try with your kids. 


What you need?

Some pencil shavings from your child’s colour pencils


Colour pencils

Glue stick


You can make any design you like.

We made a bouquet of flowers and glued on the complete round pencil shaving as a flower in bloom and the broken pieces of pencil shaving as flower buds.

Drew the stems of the flowers and a cute little bow.

Wrote our message for dad, that’s it. As simple as that.

You can get as creative as you like and make rainbows, or the sun with some yellow pencil shavings. The kids will love making Valentine greeting cards using these.

And now, here are some easy Valentines Day crafts for kids.

easy valentines day crafts for kids


Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft

Found this paper plate heart craft easy to replicate and it looks so cute once done. A great way to get toddlers and preschoolers to practice fine motor skills without even knowing.

Heart Valentine’s Day Craft

This is such a fun craft. Your kids will love making this piece and it can make a decor element for any other time of year too.

BeeMine Valentine’s Craft

Super cute and cheap craft activity for kids. You can use whatever you have lying around the house and have fun creating your own Bee Mine versions 😊

Valentine’s Day DIY Garland

This garland looks so pretty and is so easy to replicate at home. I love the simplicity of this craft idea.

Handprint Love bug Valentine Craft

We made similar Valentines cards in the past and I can assure you these are a fun activity to try with toddlers.If you are making this craft for daddy, it makes for a cute keepsake for him to look back and remember how tiny his baby’s hands were. 

Popsicle Stick Valentine Photo Frame

A simple DIY Valentines inspired ice cream stick photo frame. It adds that extra bit of fun to your child’s room decor on Valentines.

Heart Windsock Valentine’s Day Craft

These Valentines Day windsocks are a great decoration idea. You can add elements that you like and customize whatever way you like. There is no way to go wrong when you make this craft with your kids.

Stained Glass Heart Sun catcher

These cute stained glass Valentines heart sun catchers are so pretty to look at and easy to make. 

Crayon Hearts

Loved this idea of making crayon hearts from wax paper. It is such a unique idea and the final look is so aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Hope you try a few of these Valentines Crafts with your kids. Do let me know how it goes. If you have a few easy craft ideas of your own make sure to comment below.

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