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The Best Podcasts for Kids (Age 4-12) For Screen Free Time

Podcasts for kids? Yes, that’s a thing. 

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You may wonder but are children interested in podcasts? Are kids listening to podcasts these days?

Children love listening to stories and podcasts can be one of the ways we can bring rich storytelling, knowledge based and musical shows to meet our children’s interests. In-fact a recent survey showed that nearly 48% of American children in the age group 13-17 had most likely listened to a podcast.

Even among younger participants age 6-8 at least 20% of this group had heard podcasts. Podcasts are definitely catching on in popularity as a screen free entertainment option for kids.

The next question I get asked is,


Depending on the child’s age, younger children age 4-7, will find story podcasts for kids engaging and older children age 5-12 may find longer length educational podcasts interesting.

We use a mix of story podcasts and educational podcasts for kids in our home. Each has something to offer the child which I will get to in detail further in this post.


Kids podcasts are usually between 10 minutes to 30 minutes long. Most children over age 4 can focus on audio content of that length especially when it is in story format.


Most families find podcasts through recommendations on the app itself, when podcast channels collaborate, or through family friend recommendations.


We first started exploring this medium of storytelling during the Pandemic when I was running out of ideas to keep my child motivated enough to go through the daily routine.

We started with story time podcasts as a break from play and a way to reduce dependence on screens.

This was followed by music podcasts like Story bots. One mistake I made was to introduce these at bedtime, which prolonged the bedtime process. Once I realized my mistake, I pulled off the switch on podcasts at bedtime. It simply didn’t work for us.

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Now my son has settled into a routine of listening to podcasts during Quiet time or long car journeys. 

I look up a story or episode for him and play it before handing over the iPad. This way I can check what he is listening to. 

Most times I prefer that he is around me when listening to his podcasts. Engaging together with the child is important so you can provide context where needed and choose age-appropriate shows and episodes.


One of the benefits I noticed after exposure to podcasts is the rich conversation style my son has adopted.

Podcasts increased his interest in hearing stories and conversations with adults. 

And last podcasts are fun. They definitely should be a part of little children’s lives. The right content can spark creativity, engage the child and bring joy.

I remember in my own childhood listening to Hindi story cassettes during my vacations. Those stories and rhymes are still in my memory as some of the fun I had on slow summer afternoons.

Listed below are some of our favorite kids podcasts. Save the list for your reference. 

list of podcasts for kids


Story podcasts

Storytime by Bedtime FM

Bottle ship Adventures by Bedtime FM

Talking Tales from Tulika by Neha Mathews

Storytime with Tula Jane and her Mother in the Wild by Mother in the Wild

Storytime with Philip and Mommy by Lisa Bueno

Tales from the Lily Pad by Lily

Story pirates

Circle round by WBUR

Lucy wow STEM stories for Kids by GoKidGo

Floozeville by GoKidGo

Educational podcasts

Brains On! by American Public Media

But Why? Vermont Public Radio 

Who when wow by Tinkercast| Wondery

Earth Rangers by Gen-Z media | Wondery

Sleep tight science – A bedtime science show for kids by Sleep Tight Media

The Past and curious – A history podcast for Kids and families by Mick Sullivan

The show about science by Nate by The Company Making Podcasts

Science adventure stories for Kids by Fact Finding Frog

Cool facts about animals

Tumble Science podcast for kids by Tumble Media

Music podcasts

Storybots dinosaurs and planets 

The Kiboomers


Short and curly – A fun-filled podcast for kids that unpacks ethics-related questions.

Best day yet -A podcast on affirmations, meditations, and mindfulness for kids.

Mystery recipe – An engaging podcast that talks about an ingredient and then builds up to a creative recipe using all of the ingredients discussed that week.

Big life kid podcast – This podcast explores the stories of living heroes that are making a difference in the world today. The podcast aims to provide a growth mindset and social-emotional learning lessons for kids.

We use a free Spotify account, yes, the ads are annoying, a paid account is better. Other podcast platforms are Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts app.

Have you tried podcasts for kids yet? Do you have any questions about podcasts? Comment below and I will answer these for you.

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