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The Best Indoor Active Toys for Kids (2-5 years)

Little children need lots of time outdoors to engage in active play. Long days indoors can tire them out mentally, reduce focus and cause dis-regulation. The more children get an opportunity to move the better it is for their development.

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Unfortunately, not every child gets this opportunity to access open play spaces regularly. Cities around the world are becoming more and more congested, at the same time family structures are changing and parents are leading busier lives. 

All of this has led to children spending very few hours a day outdoors in nature or in parks, and more time indoors on screens. 

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While we must always work on adding more hours outdoors for our children certain situations like the current pandemic we are facing, force our children to be stuck indoors.

With limited opportunities for movement, kids resort to risky play like jumping off sofas and beds. Not only do such limited experiences with regards to movement affect focus and concentration of children, but a child who has not spent time in active play can end up injuring himself when he resorts to such risky play.

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Having a few good quality indoor active play toys for kids can help them get those muscles working and include movement-based play into the routine without much hassle.


Here are a few indoor active toys for kids that can be easily integrated into your home environment.


Indoor Active toys for 2-3-year-olds

1. Trampoline

Toddlers are constantly on the move. Age 2 and above is a great time to introduce an indoor trampoline.  

Choose a brand that makes a solid frame structure that the child can hold when he jumps.

Trampoline is great for building core muscle strength, developing balance and coordination. It is a perfect gift for active toddlers always on the move. 

2. Balance board

Kids have a fun time rocking on a balance board. Some even use the balance board in their pretend play set ups. 

I liked this Leg&Go balance board for its beautiful finish and material. It is made of sustainably sourced Finnish birch plywood.

It comes in 2 sizes for your convenience. The balance board is sturdy and can be used by the child in a variety of ways, from slide or rocking chair to a garage for cars.

If you are not sure which size to get, I would recommend going with the medium size, as it is the most universal. It is curved enough to be interesting to play with and it is not too big for small children to use.

There is no worry of outgrowing it – the medium board is suited even for adults!

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3. Rocking horse


A rocking horse is a classic kids playroom feature. Children enjoy rocking back and forth, the motion is calming and fun for them.

Here are some of my favorite brands for good quality wooden rocking horses.

Shumee Wooden Rocking Horse

Rocking Potato Wooden Rocking Unicorn

4. Pikler Triangle

As children grow and learn to navigate their play space independently, an indoor climbing structure is a great add to their space. It provides young children with an opportunity to explore their bodies, understand the boundaries of their bodies and respond to their climbing needs.

The Pikler Triangle provides ample opportunities to practice key gross motor skills safely at home.

You can use The Pikler Triangle from age 6 months when the baby can use the wooden bars to pull to a stand. As the child grows older he can explore further and use the structure to climb.

The ramp can be made up of different shapes. The benefit of the varying constructions is that each variation has a unique effect. The various forms and hardness of the slides help to massage your child’s feet. The additional setups ensure that all nodes in your little ones’ feet are put to use.

The stimulation of feet is vital, as it helps prevent flat feet and improves posture for the rest of life.

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best active toys for 5 year olds
Image courtesy : Leg&Go

5. Ride on


Our son was obsessed with indoor vehicles that move on pushing with his feet. He would go vroom vroom for hours. Here are a few sturdy indoor ride on vehicles for children.

Magic Swing Car

Explorer Jeep Car

Indoor Active toys for 5 year olds and above

1. Indoor basketball hoop

It is easy to setup an indoor basketball hoop. This low maintenance toy is suited for kids all ages.

We liked this one because it is adjustable and can be folded and kept away. Always look for height adjustable sets so that the set grows with your child.

Indoor basketball is our go-to on rainy days.

2. Indoor ladder


Kids are always eager to climb, the need to climb is built into their development in the early years. They are testing their abilities and curious to see what happens when they get to the top.

Indoor ladders don’t take up space and fit in perfectly in small spaces. It helps satisfy the child’s need to climb and also improves muscle flexibility, co-ordination, balance and strength.

3. Yoga mat

Another way we keep active indoors is by practicing yoga. Our son’s favorite channel for yoga is, Cosmic Kids Yoga on YouTube.

A good yoga mat for kids is all you need for this active play idea and a quiet corner for the child to practice.

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I hope you found this list useful as you select some active toys for your kids.

Until next time!

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