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10 Best Bento Boxes For Kids

One of the first things I shopped for once our son was ready to go to school was his Lunchbox. I started researching different types of lunch boxes, especially toddler-friendly lunch boxes. I wanted a bento box styled lunchbox because I was going to offer a variety of mini snacks for his snack break at school. Finally, all that research, googling and discussions with other mommy friends gave me a good idea of what type of bento box was best suited for us. Here is a list of the best bento boxes for kids.

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My hope is that this post can help you narrow down on one that is best suited for you.

Bento Box for kids

The 10 Best Bento Boxes For Kids

  1. Yumbox

If you follow me on Instagram (which, by the way, if you are not your missing out!) you have seen my stories on toddler bento box ideas featuring the Yumbox. I absolutely love our Yumbox. We have the Yumbox Panino that comes with 4 sections. It comes with an airtight seal on the lid that helps keep fruit and veg fresh.

One of the reasons I chose this style of a bento box is because it is an easy-open lunch container for toddlers. It comes with a snap-lock system that helps to close the box tightly yet opens up easily even by little hands.

The only con using the Yumbox is that it weighs down the school bag for a preschooler aged child.

If I had to rate the box, I would give it a 9/10.

Here is a look at some ideas on how to pack with the Yumbox Panino

  1. Lunchbots

We bought the small protein snacker by Lunchbots. If you are looking for the best toddler bento box for dry snacks this is the one. When selecting make sure to go on their website and check the size and different layouts on offer. I made a mistake when I first ordered the lunch bots not aware that I ordered the small size. But this size is perfect for our pre-schoolers bag on days he has to carry his homework books to school. Its light-weight and easy for him to open and close.

Here’s how we are packing snacks and lunches in our Lunchbots.

  1. Planetbox

The Shuttle Lunchbox by Planetbox is perfect for toddlers’ snack breaks in school. It holds small meals (around 3.5 cups) for younger kids with shorter days at school.

You can pack in a sandwich and some fruit, or a wrap with some nuts and seeds or apple and pear slices with nut butter for a snack break.

If you are looking for a bigger size lunch box the Rover lunchbox by Planet box may be more suited to you.

  1. Bentgo

The Bentgo lunchbox is another popular bento box company. They come with the open and close latches and leak-proof lids. The 5 compartments make it easy to add in a variety to your child’s lunch box. The Bentgo kids lunchbox comes highly recommended for the 3-7 age group.

  1. OmieBox

The Omiebox bento boxes are popular for storing hot foods. The boxes come with two temperature zones, one to store cold foods and one to store hot foods.

The separated leak-proof compartments keep the foods separated and fresh. The materials used are FDA approved and BPA free.

  1. Milton stainless steel box

If you are looking for the classic Indian food-friendly lunch box you can select the Milton stainless steel box.

The tiffin is made of steel on the inside and the lid has a snap lock that is easier for young children to open on their own. The price is also budget-friendly, though it may be a heavier box for young children.

  1. Preschooler Playtym

The Preschooler Playtym is a stainless steel bento box styled lunch box made right here in India. It’s sturdy and affordable and comes with 3 sections and can be used for 3-7-year old’s.

  1. Kurtzy Wheat Straw Lunch Box

This bento box is made up of wheat straw, its eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is airtight and comes with 3 compartments. A budget-friendly option that is also non-toxic and safer compared to plastic lunchboxes.

  1. Jaypee Stainless Lunchbox

The Jaypee lunch box is an insulated lunchbox made with stainless on the inside. It has the snap lock feature and comes with a leak-proof stainless-steel container on the inside.

  1. Krauss Eco-Bento Lunch Box

This bento box is made of recycled wheat fiber and is non-toxic and biodegradable. It comes with 3 spacious compartments making it handy to use for schools, offices or even picnics.

Bento Box for kids

I hope this list helps you as you shop for a bento box for your child. I tried to include options for toddlers, preschoolers, and older children so that you find something for each age group.

For bento lunch box recipes and ideas for school check this post.

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