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Berrytree Night Suit Review: An Organic Kids Clothing Brand

As my due date drew closer, I started to prep my son’s newborn clothes. Washing, drying, folding and organizing his wardrobe before his arrival. I remember how shocked I was to find so many of the cotton baby clothes I bought from a local shop leaving color on washing and made of poor quality stitching.

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This post is sponsored by Berrytree, but all opinions expressed here are my own.

As a new mother, I was concerned about these chemicals coming in contact with my son’s delicate skin. In India, we have a tradition of passing on clothes worn by other babies in the family. But, in our case, I was the first pregnant lady of the family in a very long time and so used baby clothes was not an option I could use.

That’s when I started researching about organic cotton and looking up organic clothing brands in India. I came across and there was no looking back.

When it comes to organic kids clothing we have limited options in India. Mothers nowadays are definitely more aware, but the demand for good quality and budget-friendly organic cotton clothes for baby is more compared to the supply.

organic kids clothing review

What is Berrytree organic?

Berrytree is a young brand that started with organic baby food products before entering the kids clothing space.

They now have a large collection of kids clothing that includes everything from onesies to rompers to nightsuits. Their children’s clothes are organic, chemical free, GMOs free and made in a variety of cute prints and colors.

Berrytree organic clothing collection

At present, the Berrytree Collection includes:

Frocks and Tops








They make clothes in the age range from newborn to 8 years of age.

A Berrytree Review

I have been a regular customer of Berrytree organic clothing.

In fact, for me, Berrytree is among my top 5 favorite organic clothing brands in India. Whenever I start looking for new clothes to buy my son, I first visit the website to look at their latest collection.

Their nightsuits are one clothing item from the collection I buy regularly.

I build capsule wardrobes for our son and what I like about Berrytree clothes is that they are capsule friendly and last a long time with minimal wear and tear.

Some of the pajamas we bought are now in use over a year and a half and still in great condition with a lot of wear in them.

Berrytree review

The Berrytree organic nightsuits review: What I like

  1. Organic cotton: Minimizing the exposure to harmful chemicals and dyes used in the manufacturing of cotton.
  2. Super soft materials: One thing I really love about berrytree clothes is how soft the cotton is.
  3. Baby skin friendly: No harmful dyes used and no itchy scratchy materials, making it a comfortable wearing experience for baby.
  4. Capsule wardrobe friendly: Another thing I like about the Berrytree clothing line is that besides the regular pinks and blues they carry a variety of gender-neutral colors and prints. These can be easily mixed and matched to use in a variety of combinations. You can read about how I build my toddlers wardrobe here.
  5. Long lasting: We are using our berrytree nightsuits for more than a year now and they have held up to our rigorous wash routine and have a minimal pilling effect. I love how the material becomes more soft with every wash.

 Berrytree organic clothing-organic clothing for kids

How to get the most out of your organic clothing?

One of the concerns most moms have when it comes building an entire wardrobe with organic clothing is the price. I have been there! We all want the most bang for our buck, right? Here is what I do,

I invest in a few quality pieces instead of buying a lot of clothing.

When selecting any piece of clothing I try and find neutral designs and colors that can be easily mixed and matched to make many different combinations, thus giving the look of having a larger wardrobe when in fact, you only own a few key pieces.

Now, when you use the same piece of clothing repeatedly as a part of a minimalist wardrobe, the initial amount you spent on it is well worth it.

There you go,

I hope this post helps you on your search for the best organic cotton kidswear in India.

Maybe our experience using berrytree clothing is useful when you make a selection for your baby.

What are some of the things you consider when choosing clothes for your baby?

Leave me a comment below.

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