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Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl And Divided Plate Review

If there is one product I have been asked about repeatedly over and over again on the blog and my social media platforms its the Avanchy Bowl and Plate set. It’s time to give my honest review on the blog. I exclusively used this set ever since I started weaning my son on to solids, that’s a good 14 months of product use. So let’s begin.

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Avanchy Bowl And Plate In India

Avanchy Baby Toddler Infant Feeding Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl

Avanchy Baby Toddler Feeding Bamboo Stay Put Suction Divided Plate

Company Claims And Features

  1. Made of organic bamboo wood.
  2. FDA approved food grade silicone suction base and spoon head material.
  3. Comes in 6 attractive colors (blue, green, magenta, orange, yellow and pink).
  4. The removable suction rubber piece easily attaches to the bottom of the serving plate and latches onto the tabletop with a gentle touch.
  5. Unlike other baby food dishware, the suction plate grips the table and won’t be knocked around or flipped by little hands. The small vacuum relief lever is childproof, especially when aligned on the backside of the bowl, away from the child. With a gentle pull, adults can release the serving plate suction like magic!
  6. Cannot be used in the microwave or dishwasher.
  7. Can be used to serve hot foods.

New products and features released by the brand in the US not yet available in India

  1. Black colored baby bowl and divided plate.
  2. A larger sized toddler divided plate.
  3. Stainless steel bowl.

Avanchy bamboo bowl and plate review

Review of Avanchy Bamboo Stay Put Suction Bowl And Divided Plate

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know I am passionate about researching and buying natural, organic and eco-friendly products for home and baby. I spent months researching different brands of baby food dishes and bottles for my son. I wanted baby dishes in bamboo wood along with a suction base because we were planning on going the baby led weaning route. A suction base helps contain the mess and bamboo wood is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

At the time Avanchy and other similar companies were not available in India and I ordered this product with a relative returning from the US.

Currently, Avanchy is available in India on and Flipkart.

Since most foods in baby led weaning are finger sized, I didn’t need the bowl or plate initially. I would just place the food on the high chair tray. In time I started offering porridge in the bowl. My son could use it easily and now as a toddler asks for his Avanchy plate and bowl at every meal.

Features that I am impressed with as a mom

In the initial days when babies aren’t very adept with their self-feeding skills, I found the spoon to be a great size to perfectly scoop out thick porridge and not have it slip in the process of self-feeding.

The spoon head is made of food grade silicone material that doesn’t hurt those soft baby gums. In fact, we used the spoon as a teether too!!

The suction base is quite strong compared to a few other bowls I tried. A baby less than a year old cannot move the bowl. Also, it comes with an easy to remove vacuum relief lever. This helps to quickly remove the bowl from the tray once the child is done eating.

I keep the lever away from my son on the opposite side when placing the bowl on the tray. That said he figured how to unlatch the bowl by 14 months of age. Again, by that age I was not that worried about suction base working, it’s purpose was more for the beginning stages of baby led weaning in order to practice his eating with. At the toddler stage, we don’t use the suction base that often anymore.

The fact that it is made of natural bamboo wood made me feel relaxed as a mom. No worries about chemicals leaching out into food.

Care instructions for Avanchy Bowl and plate set

The company clearly mentions that you cannot put this bowl and plate set in the dishwasher or microwave.

You need to be careful about how you use it. I read reviews online by people complaining about cracks developing in the bowl, but we didn’t face this problem until after a year of daily use.

For cleaning, I use gentle dishwashing soaps and hand wash it each time. It’s also important to dry it thoroughly. As moisture accumulating on the wood especially at the base can cause the wood to rot and develop black stains. To take care of this problem I regularly dismantle the bowl and suction base parts wash the base clear of the black stains with a brush and leave it to dry.

The first bowl we bought developed a crack after more than a year of use. That was fine by me since we used it a lot in that first year. We are now using a divided infant plate for complete meals and a second bowl for porridge and soup etc.

As my son grows I feel the need to buy a bigger sized toddler plate for him. Also looking forward to trying out the newly launched steel bowl.

All in all my recommendation for the many moms who have asked me questions about this brand is to Go For It! If you are focussed on staying away from toxic plastic material dishes, then Avanchy is your answer!

This blogpost contains affiliate links. These links provide me with a small percentage commission but don’t cost you anything extra.

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