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This store is curated by me to compile all of my recommendations in one handy list. These are products that I found useful in my parenting journey and hopefully you do too. Always keep your child’s interests and needs in mind as you select from this shop. Happy Shopping! Disclosure : Do note, this page contains affiliate links. These links provide me with a small percentage commission but don’t cost you anything extra. For more information read the full disclosure.

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Home Learning

The homeschool supplies we use at the Kindergarten level. This curation covers English, Math and Writing..


These are all our favorite puzzles. This list is curated for ages 2-5.

Board Games & Skill Based Games

We love family games and use it as a tool to touch on age-appropriate learning concepts. Fine tune motor skills, language skills and reasoning skills.

Classic Open Ended Toys

Open ended toys are a mainstay in our home. You will find our son engaged in hours of pretend play using these simple and sturdy toys.

For Your Vehicle Lover

Be it a train or a digger, children are fascinated by toys that move. This list is a curation of beautifully crafted heirloom pieces that are sure to delight your vehicle lover.

Art Supplies

Some great adds to your child’s art supplies.

Fine Motor Skills Based Toys

Even before we hand over a pencil to the child, we first need to provide opportunities to use his hands. A few thoughtful additions from here can support fine motor skills development.

Baby Led Weaning Supplies

Some baby led weaning supplies you may find handy in your baby led weaning journey.

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